Trouble With Worldbuilding and Adventure Writing


Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
The PCs are standing where a violent battle took place, as assistants to the High Sorcerer General. Dozens of Fire Magic Battle Wizards lay dead on the ground, cut in pieces... the General turns to the surviving Battalion Leader... "Their magic was supposed to be negated, we picked this place because it's under one of our ley lines, and the moon is in our favour... what the eff happened?". The Battalion Leader is shaking, but she replies "I... don't know sir. They didn't use any magic that I know of. They were wearing some unknown full body metallic armour, covering even their heads and hands. They seemed unphazed by our fire magic, the flames licking at them but causing no harm... they kept advancing. And then they used some mechanical swords that cut our wizards to pieces in seconds... I've... never seen such horror, sir". The General turns and tells the PCs: "well, crud. Kid, go get me the Grand Inquisitor on the Vision Sphere... he better ploughing know what's up."
Did you just have wizards fight space marines?