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True Blood #10:I Don't Wanna Know/Nov2008

Truth Seeker


I Don't Wanna Know...

Writers:Chris Offutt

Director:Scott Winant
Sam divulges a secret to Sookie. Tara finally see's Miss Jeanette's true intentions. Sookie has visions that disturb her at an engagement party. Jason and Amy wonder what to do with Eddie. Bill is faced with a harsh punishment but the magister has other ideas involving a human Jessica.

No Book Spoilers Please.

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Truth Seeker

LOL, that is priceless.

"I have to tell ya something..."

"I am a s-------------r"

Sookie--"Oh shut the F--k up!"

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Fallen Seraph

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I love that the Magistrate had everything on his pocket-pc :p

But yeah, man talk about serious punishments. Owww...

Also spoiler:

[sblock] What was with the nude woman with the hog? Was it another hallucination or something real? If it was real; vampire, demon, werewolf, shapeshifter or something else? [/sblock]


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I ran it back a couple of times on the dvr to figure out what I though I saw and it looked to me like she had some clothing (but not much).

The V court was creepy.

I felt bad for Eddy.

The completeness of Jason's stupidity is starting to really annoy me.

I though it was cool when the magistrate mentioned training during the inquisition.


Boy that was a fun ep, after some languishing around without getting anywhere in some of the previous episodes. Two more episodes to go, I believe.

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