D&D 5E Trying to go over the bad sinergy between War Magic and Extra Attack (x2) with 2 different fighter's builds


I started to think about this build after a sensation of unsatisfaction about the very bad sinergy in the Eldricht Knight subclass between War Magic and Extra attack (x2). So i will try to "fix" this point. Other assumption i would like to make before show you the build is that the stats are rolled, but it can be played with point buy using DEX instead than STR for the attacks, using medium armors and changing the GWM feat with something else.

I saw 2 different way to fix that ugly sinergy but both build will start from those stats: STR 17, DEX 13, CON 14, INT 16, WIS 13, CHA 11. The race for both build is an half elf with +2 STR, +1 WIS and +1 INT (rolled stats: 15,15,14,13,12,11).

The first build don't have Eldricht Knight at all, it try to create a fighter with magic powers and defences that still keeping having 3 attacks + manuvers for reactions, and easier use of GWM for boost damage (that is in practice what War Magic does till lv 11 for an EK) starts with 6 lv of Battlemaster, than 5 lv of War Magic Wizard, 4 lv of Ranger Hunter, and the rest BM (BM 6/WW 5/HR 4/BM 5).
Asi's: Slasher +1 STR @4, GWM @6, +2 INT @10, +2 STR @15, +2 INT (or resilient (wis) or Lucky) @17.

After 6 lv of BM i go for WW for get Arcane Deflection (better saves 1 lv before than the lv we could get Indomitable with a straight fighter), a familiar, the Web spell that have a long duration, i don't think there are creatures immune to the restrained condition and in combo with Slasher it is really nasty (also considering we have a cleric with Spirit Guardians in the party that halve already the speed of the affected creatures). We get also Catnap for more manuvers, Haste as a jolly spell and Animate Dead, plus of curse many of the rituals and utility (would be nice have space for Phantom Steed). 3 lv in Hunter gives us Horde Breaker, that is a sort of 3rd attack not included in any kind of action, however is not 100% sure and it arrive at lv 14 (so 3 lv after the extra attack (x2) of a normal fighter. In theory Horde Breaker can be got also at lv 12, but it gonna delay an asi and the 3rd lv spells by 3 lv...for considerations), and aftet that we gonna go on with BM for get Indomitable, more asi's and, as every fighter should get, a 4th attack (being more clear a 3rd attack + Horde Breaker) at lv 20.

For me this build keep almost all the damage of a BM, but it have much more versatility due to some magic, and better saves and AC becouse of Arcane Deflection, however, if compared with an Eldricht Knight, he is 2 lv behind on the 2nd lv spells (only 1 lv for the non abjuaration/evocation spells), but he get 3rd lv spells 2 lv earlier and he keep having manuvers and so easier advantage, precision attack for use GWM better and easier reaction attacks that seem better than war magic good just over 4 lv of game, he know much more spells and eventually can copy the spells he found on the way and he get better saves keeping being a fighter with good magic powers.

The second build i was considering start with Eldricht Knight.
EK 9/ HR 4/EK 7
Asi's: Slasher @4, GWM @6, +2 INT @8, Warcaster @13, Resilient (wis) @16, +2 STR @20.
Here i had to pick Warcaster and Resilient (wis) becouse i can't count on Arcane Deflection anymore, but this build counts on 1 additional asi so maybe it's less hurting.
The concept is kinda same, but we go first till lv 9 EK becouse our saves can't count on Arcane Deflection and so we gonna need indomitable, than at lv 12 we get Horde Breaker, and unluckly he can maximize STR only in the end, when it don't make a big difference. This build gonna allow to make, from lv 12, one attack with BB or GFB, +1 attack as a bonus action, +1 possible attack with Horde Breaker solving the War Magic problem in a more direct way, but he lose manuvers, it get 3rd lv spells only at lv 17 (lv 18 for the non abjuaration/evocation spells, so 7 lv after the previus build) and he have much less spells and lower saves so im not that sure this is the way to go, as on the first build the damage gap of the BB/GFB attack (from War Magic) is filled by manuvers, and for almost everything else the build seem better than this second one and fill better also the needed magic.

Which do you think works better?
Thanks everyone will give an hint, an idea, a suggestion or just a constructive critic on the builds.
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As long as i get to be the frog
Battlemaster Fighter Multiclass into wizard is going to be the better of those 2 options. Downside is you get none of the castery stuff till much later.

As a third option, consider Battlemaster multiclass into genie warlock as it's really strong and IMO has a bit more of the Gish feel. For this character you wouldn't need GWM as your bread and butter spell would be shadow blade and possibly eventually spirit shroud.

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