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TUW: Developing Communities


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Southroad Fair:

Southroad Fair is build upon a rivulet in the middle of the the strip of piney woods that run mostly east to west across the Southern Trade Road. It is an open array town with no wall, though it does employ roving guards. The forest is about 3 day travel, by foot, in width, north to south. The buildings are marked by placards designating their function because knowledge of reading and writing is scarce. The common language is Ansylin, though many also speak Centrin. There exists no prejudice to the function of the community and any peoples are welcome to trade.

OOC: Ruling Body: self-named Mayor: Giodavi
Minister of Finance : Lyndha: Giodavi's heartmate
Minister of Construction: Clavo
Minister of Foreign Relations: Sannit
Base Currency: Clam (metal coin made of tin)

OOC: Places of Interest
Barber Shop: run by Cordovi: Ansylin man
  • 1 employee
Bath House: run by Morlona: Ansylin woman
  • 3 employees
  • employee (Sapona, Ansylin girl)
Blacksmith: Martello: Ansylin man (killed)
  • 1 assistant
The Boar's Head Tavern: run by Giodavi the Mayor
  • 2 chefs
  • 4 kitchen help
  • 4 servers
  • 1 bard (Galen)
Bunk Houses and Hammocks to Let: handled by Trade Store
  • 2 employees
Grist Mill: for corn
  • 2 grinders
  • 4 collectors
Grist Mill: for 'pine fuel'
  • 1 grinder
  • 4 collectors
Herbalist / Alchemist: run by Maeli : Ansylin woman
  • 1 assistant: Alba, Rheini woman
Trade Store: run by Lyndha: Shimadow Bajinin female
  • 2 employees
Tannery: run by Swift Raven: Rheini man
  • partnered with Fallen Leaf: Spiofthest man
  • 4 assistants
Weaver / Seamstress: run by Eada: Centrin woman
  • 1 assistant
Winery: run by Violi: Ansylin man
  • 2 employees
  • 3 pickers
  • picker (Verden, Rheini man)
Carpenters Guild: run by Clavo: Ansylin man
  • crew leader (White Oak: Spiofthest man
  • crew leader (Olivia: Ansylin woman)
  • crew leader
  • 10 builders
  • 10 teamsters
  • 5 burros
Hunting Lodge / Guard Post:
  • crew leader (Passaro: Rheini man)
  • crew leader (Siofra: Shimadow Bajinin female)
  • crew leader (Zephyr: Spiofthest man)
  • 2 crew leaders
  • hunter (Pernapido, Rheini boy)
  • 24 hunters
  • Aust and Revan
  • 1 Red Wolf
  • 1 Leopard

OOC: Levels of Technology:
  • Metallurgy: Rudimentary
  • Masonry: Rudimentary
  • Carpentry: Advanced
  • Leather Working: Paranormal
  • Textiles: Standard
  • Pottery: Wooden
  • Fuel Oil: Unique

OOC: Theology:
No official religion exists in the land. Belief varies by geographic location and tribe, though little patronage is given to deities, in general. Southroad Fair pays some homage to an unnamed Force of Nature, which is considered to be mostly benevolent. Mitigation is sometimes deferred to Darkness, which is considered malevolent.

Play Thread: TUW: The Steel Trade
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The Boar's Head Tavern


The Boar's Head Tavern is the hub of the community. It is managed by Giodavi who is also the founder of the town along with his wife Lyndha. The outside of the structure is adorned with a preserved boar's head, a placard showing a plate and utensils, and a placard showing a mug. This being the only eating or drinking establishment in town, it is open from dawn until well passed dark. The main food is, of course, fire-roasted pork.

OOC: Meal = 8 clams / plate
Blackberry Leaf Tea = 1 clam / mug
Coffee = 2 clams / mug
Pine Vine Mellow = 2 clams / mug
Rosewater = 2 clams / mug
Water = Free
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The Trade Store

The trade store is centrally located within the town, being parallel to the road and at right angle to the adjacent Boar's Head Tavern. The store is managed by Lyndha. It offers general goods, arms, and armor.
OOC: General Merchandise
ground corn meal, ground rice meal = 2 clams / 5 bricks
dried venison = 2 clams / brick
dried pork = 1 clam / brick
dried pork skin = 1 clam / bag
silk rope = 1 clam / 5 paces
gut string = 1 clam / 5 paces
sisal = 1 clam / 10 paces
water skins = 2 clams / brick weight capacity
small blankets = 20 clams
large blankets = 50 clams
hammocks = 20 clams
pots, pans, skillets = 10 clams
various tools & utensils = 1 - 2 clams each

GM: Torso:
This represents armor for the upper body which can cover from mid thigh to the shoulders and the arms to the elbow. Torso covering available may be made from wool, which is imported from Boga City, or silk, pigskin, or deerskin, which is collected locally.

Vest cover only the main torso. Shirts cover the torso and upper arms. Tunic cover as a shirt down to the mid thigh, and surcoats cover as a shirt down to the mid shin.

GM: Legs:
This represents armor for the lower body which can cover from just above the waist to the ankles. Leg covering available may be made from wool, silk, pigskin, or deerskin. Skirts for females and kilts for men are available in the style associated with Boga City, as well as culottes for femals and shendyts for men in the style of Asylim.

Specific covering not associated with normal clothing includes cuisses, tassets, and shin guards.

GM: Accessories:
Other items available include belts, spaulders, bracers, boots, and shoes.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The Trade Store: Weaponry


GM: Knives:
Knives consist of single or double blades from as small as an average man's hand to as long as his forearm. Only the single bladed variety is readily available for purchase as it is the style of a common tool. Double edged daggers can be manufactured through requests made to Martello, the Blacksmith. All manufacturing is comprised of iron.

Knives are as follows:
  • Carving
  • Hunting
  • Cleaving
Daggers are as follows:
  • Punch
  • Boot
  • Stiletto

GM: Axes:
There is a distinct difference in axes designed to cut wood, those designed to break stone, and those designed for combat. All axe heads are comprised of drop forged iron. The handles of combat axes are much shorter than tool axes as the blades are much lighter and sharper without such a need for a counter weight.

Combat axes are as follows:
  • Carving
  • Fighting
  • Battle

GM: Spears:
Spears are the most common choice of weapon in the southern part of the continent as it can be thrown at prey as well as held to receive a charge. The wooden shaft length changes to appropriately counter the weight of the head. Spear tips range in length from a hand span up to a full arm.

Spears are as follows:
  • Lanzita
  • Lanz
  • Metalanz

GM: Swords:
Swords are the least common weapon carried by soldiers of the South, but a few workers in the sugar can fields have learned to wield the cane sword quite effectively. Double edged blades are considered the domain of elite soldiers. Sword blades range in length from half the length of a man's arm to a full arm.

Single edged swords are as follows:
  • Cane
  • Saber
  • Scimitar
Double edged swords are as follows:
  • Gladiolas
  • Broad
  • Long

GM: Shields:
Shields are available in two distinct styles. Bucklers are the smallest covering only an area about 3 times wider than the forearm. They usually made from hide or chitin but can be constructed from wood. Small round shields cover an area about the size of the bearer's torso and are usually constructed from wood. Mostly pine is available, but oak can also be requested at greater cost.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Trade Store: Weaponry, continued

GM: Bows, Arrows, and Bolts:
Projectile weapons are available with arrows and bolts in quantity, due to their frequency of use within a hunt/ gather type society. Drawn bows are available in two lengths, short and long, and two styles, simple and recurve. They are mostly manufactured from softer more flexible woods but can be requested in chestnut or hickory.

Simple bows are manufactured from a single piece of smooth wood or smaller stranded pieces bound together with leather binding. Short bows are the length of a stride, while long bows are the length of a pace.

Recurved bows are made from molded single pieces of wood which are harder to draw but have longer ranges.

Crossbows are also available in two styles, single handed and levered. A single hand crossbow requires that the string still be drawn by hand. A levered crossbow uses a mechanical device to draw the string which could not be drawn by hand.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The Herbalist / Jeweler


Medicinal herbs, rocks, and crystals can be traded or sold here.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds


Since Martello, the Blacksmith from Southroad Fair, has been killed, all trade of ore and manufacture request should be directed toward the Maldrog city of Bergbaulager.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Armor Diagram 001.jpg
Of course, most of our pieces are going to be leather, not metal.

GM: Nice find! I had cuisses and tassets backward. The picture demonstrates pauldrons. Spaulders are larger and not attached to the upper arm. Also note, this image is a mid to late Teutonic armor. The style found in Asylim and Southroad Fair is a cross between Roman and Japanese to compensate for the technological age.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds

OOC: These images are more indicative of the style of armor available or that can be manufactured.

This indicates plates of hard material attached to the surface of more flexible material. This significantly increases the deflective quality of the armor, but it also significantly decreases movability.
This indicates plates of hard material sewn between two layers of more flexible material. This provides the same protection as Barding.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
The Tannery: Raven

With the addition of Fallen Leaf to the Tannery of Swift Raven, the synergistic quality of the combination of each man's aptitude for leather work has allowed for the creation of paranormal quality products. The fame of these leather armors is spreading abroad, especially with the addition of exotic skins as provided by the Southroad Seekers.

Leather Material:

Laminar Armor:
This is armor designed by overlapping layers of the same material to increase the protective nature of the armor without significantly decreasing its movability.

Splint Material:
This means rods about the thickness of an adult little finger added horizontally to the outside of a material backing, with the exception of fur which naturally covers hides.

This indicated plates of hard material attached to the surface of more flexible material. This significantly increases the deflective quality of the armor, but it also significantly decreases movability.

Discovered by Maeli, the herbalists, the wing coverings of various beetles, called elytra, can be boiled down to produce a liquid coating that can be painted on leather armor to increase its protective quality.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Bergbaulager: The Maldrog City



Bergbaulager is built upon the northwest shore of the Lunaedriac, the gigantic lake in the mountains of the southern part of the continent.

Ore can be traded here to any of the 4 smiths. Exceptional Armor and weapons may be commissioned.

Rocks and crystals can be traded here with the jeweler.

Game can be sold to either of the 2 butchers.
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