ZEITGEIST Two new Zeitgeist games underway!


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We’re not recruiting. I just wanted to share...

I’ve got a new Zeitgeist group going on roll20, which is basically everyone I play D&D with but haven’t run through Zeitgeist yet. this is my 2.5th run through the story, so I am remixing it a lot. They are currently working several side threads from adventure 2 before I’ve even started the main action. Wands have been intercepted, an arson has been foiled (on a tip from one of my PCs’ friends, a woman named Nilasa...). Of course, they saved Sechim’s after a dragonborn lit up an explosive cart, but they couldn’t save the Pemberton Firearms, Explosives, and More warehouse across the street!

Since I’ve run the material so much, it’s fun to pick and choose which pieces to put where and still have it all hang together. I might even bring in some of the stuff from adventure 5 early. I want them to get a real sense of being city constables before I send them off on wild far-flung adventures. I’m toying with the idea of letting them defeat and capture Kell and have him in a basement holding cell when Sijhen makes the walls go funny so he can escape.

In related news, I’m running a second game for about half of my last Zeitgeist group. I just did the Ptolus Kickstarter and decided to give that a go even though everything needs to be converted to 5e. Well, two of my four players made characters with nautical backgrounds, and I had just bought Ghosts of Saltmarsh to use the naval rules in my Zeitgeist game, so I started spinning the idea that they would do some Saltmarsh adventures while based in Ptolus. That was okay, but then I kept finding myself overloaded with world info between learning Ptolus and launching a new Zeitgeist, so I pitched the idea of setting Ptolus in the Zeitgeist world (my suggestion was Alais Primos), concurrent with my new Zeitgeist game.

That didn’t go over, because they wanted to have a follow-on from their last game (which makes sense; Zeitgeist was my second long campaign with this group. Their first characters retired as literal 4e gods, so I told them they would be the gods of whatever game I ran next. They were 5 major Clergy gods. And then, of course, things didn’t go well for them...).

So we reached a compromise of fast-forwarding 100 years from their own Zeitgeist campaign. I need to go see what planes they put where and see what I want to do about that ruleswise. Crisillyir has fallen. Alais Primos has become Ptolus. The Church and Clergy are being mushed together. Keoland from Saltmarsh became the Risuri colony of Kellandia on the isle of Sid Minos. A 2000-foot-tall spire sprung up overnight where Enzyo Mons was. I’m sure it will all be fine. Nothing to do with a Demonocracy or anything like that...

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formerly roadtoad
Oh lord, did you execute the gods that the PCs had made during the Crisillyiri god trials? That's delightful.

Indeed, but I'm sure they came back when the world got re-configured or something. It's more fun to have them praying to their old characters than just saying they're super-dead. :)


formerly roadtoad
Had to make a few changes to the Saltmarsh town map:

One of my players (Mort and Alienor in Bosum Strand Irregulars):
"....naughty word, I opened the map. I saw the Srasama's name... I now am all giddy and scared at the same time.
and it just popped in my head, 'Chewie, we're home!'... 'It was all real...'"

Zeitgeist sequel trilogy now shooting! :)


Very exciting! I hope you all have fun. Great fun to revisit past campaign settings and see how things have changed, the "Chewie, we're home" comment perfectly summarizes that hahah


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