D&D (2024) UA Ranger (Playtest 6)

Honestly in terms of gloomstalker I expect/hope they will fix the wonkiness of the darkvision invisibility next pass. I don't think it's necessarily broken as written but just...odd. Like my larger concern with them being invisible to darkvision isn't even combat but all sorts of odd out of combat implications. I'd rather they just treat it like the spell itself rather than a weird perception filter as it's currently worded.

In terms of Hunter's Mark, I am firmly in the "it needs to have concentration removed" camp, especially if it's going to be tied to other class features. I'm okay with it being removed at mid to higher levels though, or when cast as an upscale perhaps. What I despise about this version of the ranger is tying high high level features to Hunter's Mark. I hated it with the new sorcerer spell and I dislike it here as well.

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