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So assume you are designing your own D&D or someone else will.

What would you take from 5E to build your personal D&D?

Side Trek. Anything you would tweak. Eg skill system but more skills, bounded accuracy but +10 over 20 levels.

What if anything would you take and possibly blend with other editions.

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I like advantage/disadvantage from 5e to add to some powers from 4e. I like that each class is good at 2 saves, but only a few seem good to have, (I can't recall ever needing to make a Int or Cha save). Not sure if I would go back to 4e with saves, bit I like attacking a save over just rolling a saving throw.


Victoria Rules
Honestly, I'm not sure I'd take much from 5e specifically; as the good bits of 5e are all iterations on things from earlier editions so I'd just look for them there.

There's lots of things I'd be happy not to take from 5e, though. :)


1. Proficiency bonus:
but would rescale it to +2, +3 at 4th level, +4 at 8th, +5 at 12th, +6 at 16th, +7 at 20th

2. Basic Attack action would be with 2 attacks per Action from 1st level. More attacks give more consistent damage.

"martial" classes would get 1 extra attack per 4 levels,
semi martial would get 1 extra attack per 5 or 6 levels,
non martials, 1 extra attack per 8 levels

that would be easier to track for multiclass.

also 2WF would just add +50% to number of attacks(round up) divided equally between weapons.
I.E. 3 attacks per Action, would turn into 2WF 3 attacks main hand, 2 attacks off hand. with light weapons as normal.

3. scaling at will cantrips, but would follow scaling levels from proficiency increase at levels 4,8,12,16 and 20.

4. having feats and ASIs linked to charcter level with proficiency bonus and not class levels.
Class level can give extra feats that are bonus to standard amount of feats.

5. Every character would get extra skill/tool/language proficiency based on character level and at levels 9,11,13,15,17 and 19 one expertise at those levels.
Expert classes would get their extra from class levels and much sooner, from 1st level onward.

6. Most, if not all "new" features would be gained by 10th level, from that only improvements or additional usages.


I'd keep proficiency and make it and every level of a generic keyword

  1. Familiarity: Add half proficiency modifier (rounded down)
  2. Proficiency: Add proficiency modifier
  3. Expertise: Add double proficiency modifier
  4. Mastery: You can treat a d20 roll of 9 or lower as a 10
  5. Grand Mastery: Once per rest, you can treat a 1d20 roll you have Grand Mastery in as a 20
You can be an Expertise in a skill or save or a Mastery of a skill or save.


Dusty Dragon
I think it's pretty well documented that I've already made the best 5e post. No need to try so hard @Zardnaar !



He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
5E is a good base. I'd definitely do something about the skill system though its the worst part by far for me. Probably open up feats more and adjust subclasses slightly.


Like many of us, I’ve been hacking 5e for a while. I’d love to see more of the game devoted to effectively handling non-combat situations in interesting engaging ways. For example…

Chase rules suck so I rewrote them.

Exploration (overland travel) is a mess that will not evoke the feeling a GM usually looks for without serious GM intervention. So I’ve been rewriting that.

Negotiations and other structured social scenes are given the same minimalist approach as talking your way past a guard. So I hacked my own template for that.

Past editions of D&D have good ideas - such as the “failing by 5 or more” degree of failure that I think first appeared in late 2nd edition and then was embraced in 3rd - but I’ve found far more inspiration outside the D&D-sphere in other RPGs. For example the James Bond 007 RPG has phenomenal ideas for chases that I borrowed bits from.

The strength (and potential weakness) of 5e is the vagaries of the d20 leading to unexpected results / story twists. Systems that lean into that with a sense of discovery, mixed (non-binary) results, and some good old fashioned chaos I think are playing to the game’s core strength.

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
Toss in classes for everyone who misses them. Warlords, psions, fighter/mage/gish, witch...whatever people keep asking for that they never put in.

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