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5E UltraMax5 -- Grittier Ultramodern 5th Edition


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Everyone that has purchased Ultramodern5 will be able to download experimental UltraMax5 rules as of now.

What is UltraMax5

UltraMax5 is an optional set of alternative rules meant to increase the realism of a modern or futuristic setting while also decreasing the more game-like elements signature to both 5th Edition and traditional Ultra-modern5. These rules add another layer of complexity and require some pre-planning as many opponents require modification before their inclusion in an encounter.

These rules are VERY much in flux, open for playtesting, and will be revised over time. This file will eventually expand to include additional 5th Edition OGL products by Dias Ex Machina including APEX and NeuroSpasta. They are not compatible with normal 5th Edition rules, though we will do our best to guide GMs in adapting monsters and classes.

The objective of UltraMax5 is to create a more gritty and realistic alternative to the baseline rules. It takes inspiration from numerous uncompromising and realistic role-playing games, and its baseline philosophy is to not be beholden to traditional 5th Edition philosophy. We’ve got Ultramodern5 for that. UltraMax5 is meant to show what you can do if you use 5th Edition as only a launching pad in developing more alternative rules.

UltraMax5 will always exist as a plug-in expansion for Ultramodern5, and will not replace it. It will not be reprinted in the core Ultramodern5 book. You will always require UM5 to use UltraMax5. Currently, these rules are untested and are thus being offered as playtest files. If there is positive feedback, we’ll continue to tweak the system until we create a workable grittier alternative to UM5. We’ll continue to update the rules until confident it is ready for official publication (if we decide to do so). And if that were to occur, everyone that had purchased UM5 by that point will be able to receive UltraMax5 for free.

Hopefully, those with issues regarding Ultramodern5 may find UltraMax5 a grittier alternative...when we iron out all the bugs.


Here are some of the ideas I'm working with...

Armor: Armor protects you if hit, but it does not prevent you from suffering a hit. Armor is now listed with a Hardness value that reduces incoming damage. Armor can be “strong” against certain types of attacks or “weak” against others.

Armor Class: Advantage/Disadvantage rules cannot properly cover all the variables that can affect one’s defense. The objective in UltraMax5 is to not get hit, as hit points are decreased and weapon damage is increased. Armor no longer adjusts Armor Class—armor only adds resistance to hits. AC can be adjusted with Defense Modifiers.

Hit Points: Although characters gain more hit points at first level, they gain fewer hit points with level progression. Hit Points also include rules for “wound categories”. Taking damage is never good.

Weapons: Weapon damage values have all been in-creased.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Haven't read the rules, but the name is awesome. :)
Hah! "UltraMax5" was really difficult to distinguish from today's wave of spambots with their health supplements. I was *that* close to hitting the spam cleanup button. That'll teach me to do that in a hurry!


First Post
Hah! "UltraMax5" was really difficult to distinguish from today's wave of spambots with their health supplements. I was *that* close to hitting the spam cleanup button. That'll teach me to do that in a hurry!
Teehee...yes, I was intentionally trying to be a little hyperbolic with that name. :)

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