D&D 5E Uncomfortably Close Combat

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The only ranger I've ever played has been a harengon fey wanderer, so I have two separate options for bonus action abilities to get out of dodge: Misty Step and Rabbit Hop.


(the +10 damage is nice but not as important as canceling cover).
I've got to say, I really do appreciate the design here. Even if the +10 damage is less important, it's still a way to make a "prerequisite feat" feel less like a tax and more like an exciting option.

I share that dislike of CBE. Unloading a point blank is OK for an occasional KO maneuver, but it feels like a flavor-fail to me if that's always my best option. For that reason, I quite like your short sword solution. Throwing the off-hand feels like a fun workaround. Cheers!


Daggers. Lots and lots of daggers.


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