Underdark Travels



A dwarf approaches the board. His strange clothing suggests him to be "Not from arround these parts." He wears robes of a mottled Red/Black pattern tied with a leather belt from which hangs a variety of pouches and bags. Hanging also from his belt is a Dwarven Waraxe, carved in delicate runes. His hair is white and his skin is unusually pale, his hair and beard are a salt and pepper gray,he wears both pleated. A small black crystal orbits his body,apparently some form of ioun stone. In his hands he holds a scroll,which he tacks to the board with a climbers spike. First in common (With horrible spelling), then in Dwarven and finally in undercommon it reads as follows:

Atention: To those who are planign to venture into the underdark.

It wold be wise to consult with me first before your travals. I have speent many a time in the long dark, and may have usfull informatcion for you,or may be wiling to acompanie you. For those who may be interestd, you may find me at the Crosrodes Tavern.

Yours Corgially

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A cloaked figure pauses to look at the note after checking to see if there are responses to a previously posted notice. The corner of a dark mouth quirks into a smile as a long fingered hand scribbles a brief response.

I would like to meet you, sir, to possibly trade tales of travels under the face of Faerûn. I, likewise, can be found in the tavern at Ford's Keep. I look forward to meeting you face to face.

The symbol of a falling star is burned in bright colors at the bottom of the scrap of parchment before the cloaked figure turns to leave.



An elegant elven lady with snow-white hair and fair skin, dressed in flowing white robes, reads the message and pens a reply:

Since I, too, have spent a significant amount of time in the Night Below, I offer an elective course in Underdark Studies at the University of Silverymoon. The classes are quite popular, and attendance must be restricted to avoid overcrowding. If possible, I would like to meet with you and compare notes. Perhaps you might also be willing to appear as a guest speaker at the class lectures - with suitable compensation, of course.

Loremistress Bianca Ssussunriyh.

Below her signature is a mage's sigil: a white sunburst with a red eye in the center.



Bald man

A bald man in tattered peasant robes borrows a piece of chalk and replies "I would like to view some of your notes as well or perhaps even take the course, I have had few encounters with drow elves since my ourney to uxta, and none have been to favorable, perhaps if I lelarn more of them I will make a few friends of them"

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