Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Four New Subclasses

There's a new Unearthed Arcana from Ben Petrisor, Dan Dillon, Bill Benham, Jeremy Crawford, F. Wesley Schneider. This one has four new subclasses Path of the Beast (Barbarian), Way of Mercy (Monk), Oath of the Watchers (Paladin), Noble Genie (Warlock).

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I usually hate UA subclasses, but most of these are actually pretty good.

The Path of the Beast is neat and doesn't seem over- or under-powered. Conceptually, I think it works best with the lycanthropy origin. You're halfway to playing a werewolf at that point. The fey origin doesn't make as much sense to me, because I don't associate rage with fey creatures (most of the abilities are tied to rage).

The Way of Mercy, a healer monk, is a nice concept. But the Noxious Aura ability seems off-theme. Why would a healer have a poisonous aura? This needs to be replaced with something more on-theme. And I can't think of too many in-game uses for the Hand of Mercy. It almost seems like a ribbon. (Ah, it can be used on enemies. I see its usefulness now. You can basically spend 4 ki to banish an enemy from a fight.)

The Oath of the Watchers is decent, but I have to say: the Paladin class doesn't really support very many subclasses. This one doesn't feel different enough from others (either conceptually or mechanically) to really justify its existence.

The Noble Genie Patron is the one dud in the group. I just don't get it. The concept makes no sense (you serve a genie, and other creatures serve you?). Is this from a book or movie or something? Why would anyone want to play it? Bizarre.
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Beast Barbarian. Thumbs up. Tail is a little less useful than the others, but bite and claw are both nice. Permanent swapable movement boost is great. Con scaling damage booster at 10th is nice, and being able to give party members reckless attack is just icing on the cake. Really like this one.

Mercy Monk - Ki point for a touch range cure wounds is nice. Being able to chain it with flurry of blows is even better. Hands of Harm synergizing with Stunning Touch and the poison aura looks great. Ki point restoration at 11th level adds to the kit, and the 17th level imprison/preserve is nice and flavorful. Another thumbs up.

Watcher Paladin: Initiative Aura, turn ability against a decent range of creatures, mental stat save bonus with Channel Divinity are all pros. Obvious intent as anti-caster/anti-outsider paladin. Spell list is kinda blah, though, and the overall package is pretty underwhelming compared to some of the other paladin subclasses. Not bad, overall, just not super exciting.

Noble Genie: Not a big fan. The expanded spell list is pretty bland, and the low-level tether is pretty awful. (Maybe if you can can self-only spells on the tethered target?) The once per long rest banishment is decent at 10th. Making a Persuasion check against your own DC is a weird mechanic for the 14th level feature, and once per long rest usage even if you fail is really not fun.

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