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After roughyriver run finishes up that frees up a few 1-2s. I have a level 1 rat I want to play. Two friends IRL are really close to submitting a character too!
There were two or three potential ratfolk PCs incoming. We seem to have lost much of the Lv 2-3 crowd. It'd be great to get in some new players and upcoming events might aid that endeavor.

Did sunshadow's Lv 3-5 game ever begin? I also put in an adventure proposal shortly before The Crash. To my knowledge that hasn't been reviewed yet, presumably because there was some question of whether specific judges might be playing in it.

EDIT: Depending on whether there is greater need for GMs or PCs when Calithil and Roughy finish up, I may send one or both of my active characters on a little vacation.
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Bwah, I still need to update Maia. lol...darn Enworld and it's darn interruptions. It's so easy to let crumbs drop off of a plate as full as mine.

*indolent Roman Senatorial laugh*

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I pictured you eating cornbread and then laughing so hard crumb s shot out of your nostrils.