Update: The Union was Recognized! Noble Knight Games employees Unionize.

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Limit Break Dancing
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Good to hear. Hopefully a more equitable arrangement for the employees is to come, and the business can continue growing!


Here's a scene about the play out across the US:

manager: "hey I know you took time off for christmas but we are really slammed right now and I need you to come in"
employee: "no, I'm spending time with my family, I'll be back in two days"
manager: "well clearly you don't care about this job. Maybe I'll have to find someone who is more reliable"

In NZ we basically close down from around the 23rd through to January 6ish.

We take that holiday then another one for a week or two in late January to go camping, then get 10-11 stat days off and have around another weeks holiday left over. Ten sick days off and time and a half and day in lieu if you work one of those public holidays.

That's the minimum some people get an extra week or two for long service or whatever.

I would work every stat day except Christmas if I had the option.

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