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ZEITGEIST Using Midjourney image AI to imagine Zeitgeist


I have run across Midjourney recently, an AI system to generate images, and have been creating some images for my Zeitgeist campaign. I haven't yet shown my players, but I hope this will definitely increase their immersion. Some examples:
Dansica and BlanderWareye
danisca waryeye.png
Blander Waryeye.png

The view from Cauldron hill

They're not perfect by any means, but for me they really capture the spirit of the game.

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Really nice. Could you provide the prompts you've used for generation of these images? I've tried Artflow for some portraits, but MidJourney seems to be more functional.
Sure. For the portraits I used the character image from the book. Those prompts were:
Von Recklinghausen: steampunk man moustache vest moody lighting realistic digital art 8k
Heward Sechim: portrait dark skinned alchemist holding test tube steampunk vest moody lighting realistic digital art --iw 1 --ar 3:2 (--iw determines the weight of the input image, --ar is the aspect ratio)
Danisca (1st post): confident female gnome pharmacist steampunk dnd portrait realistic digital art moody lighting
Wharf: small dock in a bayou, small cutter ship docked, steampunk, night, moody lighting, realistic digital art

Apparently, Stover Delft is difficult to get right. I'm still not totally convinced, but this is what I got.

Stover delft.png

(prompt: image file + photo steampunk moody lighting realistic digital art 8k --iw 2)
I am rather happy with Gale:

(promt: image file + photo of a lady blue dress portrait black hair steampunk moody lighting realistic digital art 8k)


These are amazing, and you are skilled at prompting MidJourney!

Do you think you could try your hand at:
  • Lya Jierre
  • Tinker Oddcog (not in steamsuit)
  • Rock Rackus
  • Benedict Pemberton
  • Harkover Lee

I'd love to what those folks could come out as!


Well, I gave them a go. The newest version of Midjourney works a lot better with input images, so that helped a lot.
She was the most difficult, probably because tieflings don't feature as much in the source material Midjourney uses :). So I have included three tries, each of which has its pros and cons:
Lya jierre drawing.png

I really like how she is portrayed here, but it's much more a drawing than a photo, like the previous ones.
Lya jierre 1.png

I think this one is a bit on the harsh side, more of how I see her in later chapters.
Lya jierre 2.png

Not as clearly a tiefling, and maybe a bit too pretty. But I do see the King getting married to her, not as overtly evil.
Tinker Oddcog.png

I really like how this images has a bit of 'hearing voices' insanity in it :D
Rock Rackus:
rock rackus.png

Harkover Lee:
Harkover Lee.png

Maybe a bit on the young side, but when I include something like 60 year, or even 50 year, they turn out like 80 years old or so :S

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