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ZEITGEIST Using Midjourney image AI to imagine Zeitgeist


The Jierres were based on Leia, Luke and Han from Star Wars, weren't they?

I was never quite sure who Price-Hill was based on...

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I was never quite sure who Price-Hill was based on...
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Ryan says Edward James Olmos, so that's who I ran with.

But MidJourney does not like mutton chops, nor monocles, so Price-Hill has been very difficult.

Here are two of my attempts after a couple hours work playing with prompts and varients. I don't like either of them.


  • Erik_Edward_James_Olmos_as_a_Victorian_military_commander_fair__b7416e0f-4b28-4690-a9c5-c8a174...png
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  • Erik_Edward_James_Olmos_as_a_Victorian_military_commander_fair__7e494af2-79af-4688-9e64-30b0a0...png
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I'm talking about his illo. :) I don't see any Ford in Han Jierre's art direction. Contrast with Lya Jierre, who looks quite a bit like Carrie Fisher.
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Here are my takes on some of the famous private citizens of Flint.

Gale, Fey Terrorist

Katrina Kaif as Storm from the XMen, elven heritage, billowing light blue dress, windy, flying over a steampunk city --v 4

Nevard Sechim, Respected Skyseer

Bill Cobbs as a Druid, wearing a baggy green robe, sitting on a rock, long beard hangs all the way to the ground, looking up at a starry sky, milky eyes --v 4

Lorcan Kell, Duke of Slaughter

Danny Trejo in a fine tailored suit, threatening expression, on a balcony inside an old theater --v 4

The Rag Man, serial killer

black and white wanted poster, man wrapped in rags, face wrapped in rags, horrific, insane murderer --v 4

Benedict Pemberton, Risuri Industralist

Daniel Day Lewis with a thick walrus mustache, short hair, in a beige tailored Victorian suit, at an industrial steampunk factory --v 4

Rock Rackus, God in the Flesh

[bald, slightly overweight] Kanye West, carrying a large gold shotgun, pleased with himself, lit cigar, goggles, steampunk, at a concert stage, digital art, in the style of Greg Hildebrandt --v 4

The RHC has its work cut out for it with citizens like these running amuck!

(I know I said I'd do Ob next, but I ran into some roadblocks over there. Eventually. Also, my Lya will never be as good as meertn's. I love his second photo of her.)

While the name wasn't in the main pop-culture thread, I don't think I went out on a limb when I decided that Lorcan Kell is based on Machete :p

Also, MidJourney takes a looooong time to get the results you want. There's definitely an art to this, and a lot of luck. I'm very much still learning. And I apologize that these aren't quite coming out the way I hoped. (I'm especially disappointed in Rackus. This pict is a bit too badass thug, and not enough playboy hip-hop artist.)

Oh yeah, Lorcan Kell is absolutely Machete. You gotta stick knives in people who need knives stuck in 'em.

I actually ran a Conan d20 game where I discovered the 'leave it in' option for when you stab someone. Thereafter they'd take another 1 point of damage every time they took an action. So I dual-wielded with quickdraw and would put 5 knives in a person, then let walk away and do the same to someone else so the last guy would gradually bleed out. I wanted that energy for Lorcan Kell.


I started making painting "elden ring style" of my players, but right now I'm stuck trying to made a decent remake of one of my favourite arts of the adventure, the one of ashima shimtu...


Have you ever tried working on her arts with MidJourney?


  • aire.png
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  • 00185-216711614-oil painting o___.png
    00185-216711614-oil painting o___.png
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  • etiee.png
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  • 00043.png
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  • 00039.png
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