WOIN Using Monsters & Minions from N.O.W. Appendix B


I'm keen to use the pre-constructed NPCs listed in Appendix B of the N.O.W. book (starting on p. 204) to save myself some prep time. Per the Encounter Building Guidelines thread, I know that if I keep the total MDPs of my NPC foes roughly equal to the player characters' MDPs, it's a medium encounter with low probability of PC death. So if I have one of the player character's (MDP 7d6) encounter a Spy found on p. 219 of the N.O.W. 1.2 book, which is listed as a medium sentient humanoid with MDP 7d6, this should be a medium encounter.

The reason I ask all this is because the Spy NPC as written has 90 total attribute points, 35 total skill ranks, and 2 "exploits" (Suave and Taunt), while a typical player character with MDP 7d6 has 60-64 total attribute points, 21-23 total skill ranks, and 11 or 12 exploits (per chart on p. 74). Presuming that the Spy NPC is intended to be a proper match for a 7d6 MDP player character, then can one presume that the extra attribute points and skill ranks for the Spy NPC make up for the exploit deficit as compared to a player character? Is there some kind of formula that one can use to make this trade between NPC "exploits"/attribute points/skill ranks to keep them properly "leveled" so to speak? I'd like to be able to customize the pre-gens a bit, so I don't want to throw the encounter balance askew just because I may be ignorant of how these pre-gen stats work.

Thanks for reading and for any enlightenment provided.

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It still can't roll more than 7d6, even if it has a million attribute points. It may have a broader scope or more variety than something with fewer attribute or skill points, but it has the same ceiling. I wouldn't worry too much as long as the MDPs work out about right.

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