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[v.3.5] Realmsian Dragonstar: The Battle of Toril PbP Game [IC] (Game Cancelled)


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"Who is in over his head," Siel says dryly. "As are we all. Even so, he seems to have some idea of what he wants to do next, and since my own ideas seem to be unworkable for various reasons, I shall let someone who's instincts are sharper take the helm."

"I've heard suggestions we go to Candlekeep, and suggestions we go to Waterdeep. The sense I get is that we're leaning towards escorting our Haspur to Candlekeep, and from there...?"

She let the sentence trail off, inviting input.

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Deuce Traveler

Rodan says, "For now we should help the people prepare for their trip. We need to send out messengers and ourselves to explain that the city will likely be attacked soon, and that they need to pack up anything that will help them survive a long journey to this Waterdeep place. Simple tools, backpacks, and whatever food they can manage. We need to have them hurry, while somehow avoiding a panic, and leave it to local neighborhood leaders to take account for their own. After that we can escort Haspur to Candlekeep. Between now and then, maybe we'll be able to take a ship over that can carry us off world, or maybe learn more of what's happening when we get to Candlekeep and make the best guess we can on where a smaller force might be landing."


First Post
"Mmm. With respect, I think if the plan is to get Haspur to Candlekeep, we should leave immediately. We've no way of knowing when fire will drop from the sky after all. The Duke has ways of addressing his people, and their trust and goodwill. Our efforts to warn people would largely come down to a handful of strangers babbling nonsense, in their view. We'd have to work hard to achieve very little, and waste precious time in doing so."


"Agreed. While the people here start getting ready to move, we can head out ahead of them, and get Candlekeep ready to accept them. We'll move much faster as a small group anyways, and less noticeable. And we can focus our efforts instead of worrying about a large, vulnerable group of refugees. In any case, I say we head to Candlekeep. I don't know who this Miirym is, or how they could help, if we can trust Haspur's insight, they can help. And we should speak with the Magister if possible."


World of Kulan DM
"This... Candlekeep, may not be defensive, but if the being who your most powerful remaining deity spoke through suggests it as a refuge for the people, it should not be dismissed. If it is remote, the Empire will take their time sending troops to that location, preferring first to remove resistance from any large fortified positions. If your magic is a powerful as Tochror's report indicates, your mages should be able in areas of stable magic, put magical shields up that may withstand some or all of the orbital bombardment. The smaller the area that needs to be warded the stronger the ward. So this Candlekeep may be ideal, I do not know it's layout or who among you can erect such a shield, if any."
"The High Artificer might be able to erect a magical boundary, if we can get him to snap out of his madness," replies Idriane, the priestess of Gond who admonished her superior earlier. "He is, by far, the most powerful of us. His abilities outstrip both the High Priest of Tymora, Lady Ulbright, and the Storm-Priestess of Umberlee, Jalantha Mistmyr. And if it is true that Tymora and Umberlee have lost their immortality, their clerics won't have any magic at all.

"Even without the High Artificer, if the Magister is there, she should be able to help defend it."
Idriane looks at Haspur, "If he is meant to go to Candlekeep, then that is where we should take him. The Keeper of the Tomes might be able to tell us more about what might happen. He's a diviner and loremaster."

Dakashi takes in what everyone has to say before responding, "As an Enlightened Monk, Hadyri may have the best chance of explaining all that we have experienced here to the other Monks at Candlekeep. I also share a like mind with those who train body, mind and soul and can assist with any diplomacy with those at Candlekeep."
"That sounds reasonable," Tocrhor says. He pulls his pack towards himself and digs out one of his dermapatches. He hands the other to a badly wounded man next to him and shows the man how to apply it. The worst of the man's wounds knit with use of the magical patch. Tocrhor's breathing and color improve as he applies his other dermapatch. He tries to get up again and succeeds, although his legs are unsteady.

Nodding as the Raptorian spoke, "I agree that enemies may become friends in this time, though I would continue to be wary of drow and races who across the stars prove time and again their evil self-interested intents like the Beholders, Mindflayers, or Neogi."

"As to holding up in the dwarven mines, the Empire won't seek the mithril deposits first. They will look to put down any armed resistance and gain control of the surface, then come sideways at the mithril, boring their own shafts into the mountains and stones to reach the deposts rather than fighting tunnel warfare against entrenched enemies."
"That is true," Tocrhor adds. "The Empire won't make a frontal assault on a dwarven stronghold, even one without advanced technology. It would lead to too many causalities. They won't worry about mining until the surface has been routed. However, if we get the dwarves and other underground races involved, that could change."

Tocrhor looks at 'Siel'. "How rare are dragons on Toril? The Empire likes to recruit local dragons, especially Chromatics, even more so than the drow. They set them against their enemies with promises of vast wealth, as well as technical knowledge."

The hobgoblin nods to Rodan, "I think there will be some that choose to fight rather than give up their freedom. If we can get the world's giants on our side, it would be very helpful. Stone giants, in particular, tend to be more reasonable. I would only recruit hill-dwelling brutes if absolutely necessary." He looks at Keth. "What about the fey of your world?"

Squatting down on his haunches Shazer'a continues, "if we cannot get our hands on any scrolls of sending, then we must try and capture an ansible to communicate with Grand Duke Kupric. One of the troop dropships *may* have one if we are strategic, we may be able to surpirse and capture it.
"Yes, even one would allow us to contact Grand Duke Kupric, as there isn't a limit on that spell. It can stretch across the galaxy in moments," Tocrhor asserts. He looks at Shazer'a before continuing. "Have you had personal contact with the Grand Duke? Does he know you, personally? Would he recognize your voice? It would make such a Sending a lot easier."

He looks at Idriane. "Would this temple have such a scroll? Can any of you cast it?"

"I'm not sure if there is a scroll of sending here," Idriane replies. "It's possible. I personally, cannot cast such a spell. The High Artificer can, but I doubt he'll be of much use unless we can calm him down." She pauses. "Allian, yes, he should be able to do it."

"Idriane, he's been... s-sanctoned," an acolyte says awkwardly. "He'll never do it unless we reinstate him."

"There is no one else," Idriane sighs. "But let's check the temple's library first. Maybe we won't have to ask him."

The acolyte bobs his head and heads out of the main room towards the back of the High House.

OOC: Knowledge (History)/Legion tactics Results 1d20+4: 18 [1d20=14] to know where an ansible may be to capture if we have to.
OOC: What Shazer'a knows > He knows tha most Imperial starship have at least one ansible with the larger ships having more than one. They are often kept in most secure parts of the ship -- the bridge, engineering, and the ship's temple. Backups are often stored in the armory in case an ansible is damaged.

Since the Centurion is a battleship, it will have more than one. There will be one on the bridge and one in the ship's temple, which is also where the divine sphere is located. There might be an active backup in engineering, but more than likely extras will be in the ship's main armory, which will be a challenge to get near without being spotted.

Shazer'a also knows the ship will have a backup communication system that can send a message at sublight speed. It takes much longer but it's less likely to be heavily guarded.

The dropships likely only have one ansible each, on the bridge, but there might a backup stored some place secure. Dropships tend to have less permanent gear. It's likely that any forces that land of Toril will have an ansible for quick communication with the ships above. Such an ansible will be located in the strongest vehicle(s) such as armored walkers.
OOC: Rodan Knowledge (history) Check
OOC: What Rodan knows > Rodan knows little about where an ansible would be stored on a Imperial starship. He has always tried to avoid being on such ship. He knows from the invasion on his homeworld that the Imperials are highly structured and commands from above are rarely questioned. Quick communication is considered vital when dealing with unknown planets. Ansibles were used during the conquest of Rodan's own planet. It would be considerably easier to capture one from the Imperial once there on the ground than capturing one from a starship. The trick will be to get a hold of one without damaging it in the process.
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Deuce Traveler

Rodan says, "If we discover where one of the command posts of the ground invasion is, we might be able to capture an ansible there and send the message. We would have to sneak past many of the forces that command post is communicating with, but it might be easier and more survivable than trying to board a large warship."


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
"If we are voting a plan of action, I agree that we should leave immediately and get this Haspur to Candlekeep. We take anyone of import, be it the Grand Dukes or the High Artificer, prepare the location for the coming of the people of this city. Once ground forces have landed, we can seek them out and try to secure an ansible to reach out to Grand Duke Kupric, barring finding a scroll of sending. Nelalwe, my wesham, should be able to use such a scroll if we can find one. This Candlekeep may have such a scroll on hand as well, all the more reason to move quickly with a small force." Rubbing his eyes with a bit of exaustion, "I am known to the Grand Duke, though he and I are not familiar, he will heed an important communication from me."

Looking at the shadowy figure of "Siel", "I agree that our task should not be to war or evactuate citizens, they would certainly not heed me, I have been unsuccessfully warning this city for the last few weeks of this possiblity."


First Post
"Exactly," agrees Siel, a perfectly ordinary half-elf who is absolutely not shadowy in any way. ;)

She looks at Tocrhor and shrugs. "Dragons are not exactly commonplace, but there are enough that most roving bands of adventure-seekers can claim to have squabbled with a hatchling or juvenile at some point during their travels. Wyrms of power great enough to affect an all-out war are rare...but each is a power to be reckoned with. If the Empire is willing to meet their undoubtedly exorbitant demands, they could become one more thorn in the side of our forces."

"There are dragons who, it is rumored, would possibly join us against the Empire as well of course...but such dragons tend to be far more secretive. I'm afraid we would most likely be obliged to wait for them to contact us, rather than seek them out ourselves. Though if there was anywhere in the realms to seek information about how to find them, Candlekeep could be it."

She considers then and adds, "Several times now you've mentioned the Empire once had a presence here. Am I misunderstanding that? Is it possible they may have left anything useful behind? With some time to study their magic and devices, we might find things to exploit...or ways to imitate."


First Post
Dakashi adds, "As a Diamond Dragon and Devotee of Saridor, I may be able to barter for assistance with some of the gem dragons when the time comes. However, we should be prepared to pay for their assistance should they agree to grant it."

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