Vegetable Villany


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Calling all heroes!, after a devistateing plague in the area around Hardby... a Band of spellcasters has mysteriously created a nightmareish army of grisly garden greens, tenacious tunnleing tubers, and other voracious vegetables. the "horde" was last seen advanceing twards the farmlands of Dyvers, and last sucessful count has placed the vegitarian army at one-thousand farm grown ferocities, strangely enough the spellcasters that made the army were later found, drained of all fluids.

(OOC- this wasn't meant to be funny, just humorous as a slight adventure any needed details, find me online of post here)
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You will find a cart just before you reach hardby... that is where you start... Bring others if you are not confident in yourself... Cameroth...

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