Vote For Your Favourite ACTUAL PLAY Podcast!

Vote For Your Favorite ACTUAL PLAY Podcasts!

  • A Horror Borealis

  • Acquisitions Inc C-Team

  • Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts

  • Adventure, They Wrote

  • All My Hexes

  • Androids & Aliens

  • Broadswords

  • Celestial Expanse

  • Chaotic Goodness

  • Critical Bits

  • d20 Dames

  • Dames & Dragons

  • Danger Club Podcast

  • Dark Dice

  • Darkfire

  • Dragon Ball Rebellion

  • Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons

  • Dungeons & Randomness

  • Dungeons and Daddies

  • Dungeons Dice & Everything Nice

  • Dungeons of Drakkenheim

  • Dying Order

  • Encounter Party!

  • Ethernautica

  • Evenfell

  • Faerunners

  • Fandible's Longshot

  • Flintlocks & Fireballs

  • Force Majeure

  • Friends at the Table

  • Fun City

  • Godsfall

  • Greetings Adventurers

  • Heroes Rise

  • Homebrew Heroes

  • House of Bob

  • How We Roll

  • Into the Unknown

  • Kollok 1991

  • Legends of Chel

  • Magic Quest Boys of Dragontown

  • Make Believe Heroes

  • Monster Hour

  • Murder Dice

  • Neoscum

  • Nerd Poker

  • Nocturne

  • Not A Test

  • Not Another D&D Podcast

  • One Shot

  • Party of One

  • Pirates of Wildspace

  • Power Word Roll

  • Pretending to be People

  • Queens of Adventure

  • Quest Friends

  • Random Item Procurement

  • Red Moon Roleplaying

  • Riftwake

  • Rivals of Waterdeep

  • Roll For Combat Pathfinder

  • Roll For Combat Starfinder

  • Rude Tales of Magic

  • Runelanders: Rapscallions

  • Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast

  • Second Best

  • She's a Super Geek

  • Sneak Attack!

  • Sweden Rolls

  • Tabletop Champions

  • Tales from Hyperborea

  • Tales from the Mists

  • The Critshow

  • The D20 Future Show

  • The Forge

  • The Formal Gamer

  • The Glass Cannon Podcast

  • The Immaculate Chaos

  • The Lovecraft Tapes

  • The Lucky Die

  • The Magpies Podcast

  • The Orpheus Protocol

  • The Pod Called Quest

  • The Stubborn Heroes

  • The Titans of All'Terra

  • Thursday Knights

  • Top of the Round

  • Unexplored Places

  • Venture Maidens

  • Very Random Encounters

  • Wildcards - Saving Throw

  • Zero Blue Orion

The results of this poll are hidden until it is manually edited by the user or site admin.

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been taking nominations for this year's Favourite RPG Podcast Poll. Last year we had 99 nominations; this year we have over 150! This poll is the final poll for the ACTUAL PLAY category. The TALK category poll can be found here.


Actual Play podcasts are podcasts where the podcasters play an actual tabletop RPG for your listening enjoyment. They range from hour long one-shots to multi-year campaigns; some have voice actors, while others are hobbyists sharing their love for the game. While many are D&D podcasts, there are many podcasts for a wide variety of game systems, in a wide variety of styles. I personally enjoy the podcast format for AP, as I find it a lot easier to consume while walking my dog or driving than watching a video.

Can't see the poll? You need to be logged in to the website. Also, Tapatalk and similar mobile apps don't support polls.

Don't forget to also vote in the TALK category!

You may vote for as many podcasts as you like. The poll will remain open for two weeks, closing on January 1st (New Year's Day!) -- the results will be announced in a January episode of Morrus Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk podcast with an article later.

Last year's winner of the Actual Play category was The Adventure Zone. You can see last year's Top Ten for both categories here. Previous winners are not eligible in the poll.


Why wasn't [my favourite podcast] nominated?
Unfortunately, I have no insight into why you didn't nominate your favorite podcast. You can see the nomination thread here.

[A podcast] was nominated, but isn't in the poll. Double check it was nominated correctly (name, plus link to the actual podcast), and also check it isn't in the TALK category. If I've made a mistake, let me know ASAP so it can be added. Also double check name variations - sometimes they have the word "the" in front and sometimes they don't, so check both! Unfortunately, if it wasn't nominated correctly (name, plus link) then it isn't eligible this year.

The podcast is in the wrong category. I've tried my best to put them in the correct category just to make it easier to vote on, but occasionally I had to guess. All votes, whichever poll it is in, count though, so just be sure to vote for it wherever it is. Some fit into both categories, so I placed them in the one I thought they did more of, but don't worry about it - just find it and vote!

What about the [podcast network]. This is a poll of individual podcasts, not networks. Nominations needed to be for a specific podcast on that network, not the network as a whole. If you can't find your favourite podcast network, try looking for the names of some of their shows.
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For me personally a 100% vote for Dungeons & Randomness, been listening to them sims begin summer this year and am not even half way through. THey are so quirky , fun and have a clear to follow storyline <3 Love those guys

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