Critical Role Vox Machina sound track in Vinyl.


The LP cover was a big loss. What a fantastic space for both artistic expression and info about the music, artists, instruments etc.

I don’t miss vinyl, but I do miss that.
I am juuuuuuust old enough to remember listening to vinyl on a turn table with my mom (they got a CD player when I was about 5, and they had a backlog of vinyl they weren't about to replace entirely with cassette! My sister was born in '88 and has no me.ory of vinyl at all), and I loved looking at those big album covers and inserts.

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I collect vinyl (and still buy CDs; those are what I listen to in the car) and am a sucker for colored and novelty vinyl, so those things intersecting with gaming represent a lot of my interests. I'm not the biggest fan of Riegel's (or Scanlan's) schtick, but I like the show and its instrumental music, so this is approaching a shut-up-and-take-my-money moment for me.

And I do have a record player, a nice one gifted to me many years ago by a customer at my store, who gave me their spare when I mentioned I had been using my parents' turntable (thanks, Bob!).

Just stumbled across this animation. For anyone interested in music sales, this animation is pretty cool. Very informative and shows just how much change the music industry has gone through in the last decades regarding sales and format.


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