[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1


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"No need to fuss, Nice. I think our Mr. Diego here simply hasn't realised that we have been refering to the Prince by both his title and his nickname." Turning his head in Diego's general direction he says: "The Prince's initials are LB, i guess that's where the nickname came from. Thus Nice's alarm at implicating LB."

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Blackie is one of his Childer. Sure is a wildcat. So much agression and atitude for such a tiny little lady."

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Nice just looks at the assembled neonates for a minute before pushing the heavy bank vault door closed.

[sblock=Auspex (Beth and Archer)]Nice mutters "This is just wonderful..." to himself as his manages to close the heavy door.[/sblock]

The door flows closed with a dull thud.

It's completely quiet in the tight confines of your new home. A single light bulb embedded in the ceiling gives off a harsh glow.

End Night One​
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The "Tank"

The room the PCs sleep in is called the Tank
[sblock=Physical Features]

The tank is small, perhaps 4.5m (~15 feet) wide and 10m (~30 feet) deep.

The floors, ceiling and most of the walls are made of unfinished concrete, all the surfaces are bumpy and irregular.

There is a tight central space (the "corridor") that passes between all the cells. Five cells line one side of the room, the left side as you come in, and four line the other. The right concrete wall is broken by what looks like natural stone rock in the middle, where the "missing cell" would be.

A single bulb is embedded in the ceiling, in the center of the room above the T (where the corridor meets the missing cell); when on it gives off a harsh glare. There is no exposed wiring, the switch is apparently outside somewhere.

Thick iron bars have been laid irregularly, forming cells that are roughly square (2m by 2m). Each cell has a iron barred cell door (set into a door frame) that opens inward.

The only entrance is covered by occupied by a massive, old school bank vault door. When you come in from the outside you can see a big spinning wheel (or whatever the technical name is) used to lock and unlock the door.[/sblock]

[sblock=Environment]The air is dry and completely still. If you were mortals you'd probably suffocate in here. As vampires you don't notice.

Neonate vampires are keenly aware of just how quiet they are, just how quiet their cellmates are. No one breaths, or coughs; your limbs don't get stiff, you don't stretch or move or fidget for physical reasons.

A mentally calm vampire can sit still for hours.[/sblock]

[sblock=Diego -- Larceny]Given that you'll be in here for hours and hours I'll just go through the things you'd pick up without bothering to roll.

There is no evidence of anything electronic in her fancier than the light bulb.

The cell door locks aren't a big deal. They're old. Probably bought second hand from some prision when they updated to a modern electronic door locking system. Should be able to pick one in around thirty seconds, maybe less [sblock=rules]don't know if this will ever come up but
  • first time takes 5 successess, each roll takes 10 secs
  • each time you successfully pick you get better, it takes one less success (min one success)
  • when you "master" the lock (get down to one-success-to-open level) every success halves the time required (3 successes would be 3 secs ~ one combat round)
  • An exceptional success means you "pop" the lock pretty much instantly. One combat round (or a free action if you've mastered the lock)
The bank vault door presents a significant barrier.
Unless you miss your guess it's an old one, also probably picked up second hand. Maybe from an S&L when the whole S&L crisis hit.
It's solid from the inside, no easy access to the locking mechanism. The bolts run directly into the concrete.


Begin Night Two

Night Two​

[sblock=Biggs]You wake with a start. You were dreaming about a bar you think.

You're lying on the uneven concrete, precisely where you laid down the night before, in one of the central cells next to the natural stone wall.

Your beast is snarling, muted but irate. A vampire is nearby, one you know.

Squatting about a foot away from you is Blackcoat. She's looking at you through the bars. You're struck by just how mauled her face looks up close, she's missing most of her left ear, and a ragged scar on her right cheek suggests that her mouth was cut open at one point and then sewn back together.

She locks eyes with you for a long moment,

<space for a reaction, if there is one>

Keeping an eye fixed on you she mimes a reflexive spitting motion.

Then she abruptly stands, takes a step into the natural stone wall and is gone.

[sblock=OOC]Having seen Blackcoat do it up close, Biggs has an idea about Haven of Soil now. He can't pass through rock yet of course. But he'll be able to try on soil.[/sblock]

You are awakened from your unnaturally deep sleep by a the quiet sound of someone spitting.

Your beast is snarling in recognition, you look up to see a woman, Blackcoat standing in front of the natural stone wall. She seems to flow into the wall and disappear.[/sblock]

You are awakened from your unnaturally deep sleep by a sound like the quite sound of someone spitting.

Your beast is snarling, you look up to see a child, no a small woman, in a black trenchcoat standing in front of the natural stone wall.

Your beast whimpers in fear, demanding that you run from this horrible creature but you master yourself easily. You make no more than a slight shudder as you look upon her.

Standing against the stone wall she reaches out and seems to flow into the stone; disappearing like a mirage.[/sblock]

[http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/v...rom torpor continuing to sleep where you lay.[/sblock]

You fail to wake from torpor continuing to sleep where you lay.[/sblock]


Because of the unsettling conditions you sleep poorly, and do not regain willpower. Nightly successes in the roll reflect your ability to recover from the trauma you experienced and will gradually off set the (-3) penalty.[/sblock]
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[sblock=Blood -- Archer, Beth, Cole]You all have four vitae (blood points) in your system; you are hungry the sight of blood may trigger frenzy, and it is harder for you resist frenzies from other sources.[/sblock]

[sblock=Blood -- Biggs, Diego]You both have five vitae, you are probably a bit hungry but you aren't hungry.[/sblock]
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"Anyone else see that lady........? Um....... ya know what, nevermind. Let's open this damn door. I don't like being caged in here."

[sblock=Graf] I didn't know if it would be easier to roll in parts for this or all at once. I just did the first little attempt at it this time. Let me know if I should change.

Lockpick (dex+larceny+1 for specialty) (9d10=54)

ten again (1d10=3)

First line is his first attempt at picking the lock (3 successes), second line is 10 again (3)



[sblock=OOC to Diego]Being Proactive is fine. Roll 'em if you got them.

Do you have an idea about how you're going to get through the bank vault door?
(For the record, given your character's resources, etc I can't think of a way)

Sticking to the format laid out here would reduce my workload though isn't required.

It's identical to the die rolls used in all your previous character rolls. If you do it that way (i.e. use the Xd10.hitsopen(8,10) format) there is no need to roll again, or to count successes. Program does everything automatically.


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