[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1


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"Blackcoat walked right through the wall, right over there." Biggs points at the wall. "Now i know vampires can mess with you head, make you forget stuff. Maybe see stuff that ain't there. Maybe that wall ain't really there?"

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First Post
Archer remained silent for a time while the others talked. He was getting hungry, and his beast was irritable in these surroundings. He needed the time to gather some calm, but listened in interest to what the others had to say.

industrygothica said:
"How smart is it, really, to go around popping the locks just yet? Maybe you should save that little trick in case we really need it?"

"I think Beth has the right idea. If they know we can open the cell doors they'll be doubly sure to lock the vault door. Although, if they think the cell doors are enough, one night they may get lazy or sloppy and leave the vault door ajar," Archer didn't know how long he'd be spending in there, human -erm- vampire error seemed his only chance of getting out if detainment was indefinite, "So don't worry about unlocking my door just yet."

Having the cell door open with the vault door closed wouldn't have helped Archer much anyway. At least with the cell door closed he was separated from the others, should his surroundings get to him to the point his beast took control.

WarShrike said:
"I could be mistaken, but i seem to recall keypads on the outter side of the vault door. Good luck picking an electronic lock. This place would be more comfortable if the floor were open to the soil instead of concrete. I could feel the soil all day, almost calling to me serenely. As for Blackie, well, i take her visit as a good omen. I mean, if i am indeed Gangrel, and if i was right earlier and she's Gangrel too, well, she might be willing to tutor me in what i need to know."

"Biggs, let's put it this way. You're presently at the mercy of a community of entities whom you used to hunt. And based on last night's discussion, if my intuition serves, a piece of a very highly contentious puzzle. That is, the reason you're still alive is in case you can help give an answer to the question of who turned you into a vampire. Once that matter is settled I think they'll want to sweep you under the rug. So I'd say you have until they've reached a satisfactory conclusion, which need not be the truth, to prove your usefulness to someone with enough influence to call a veto on disposing of you.

So while I doubt Blackcoat likes you, hell, the spitting thing suggests to me she may even look forward to getting rid of you, somehow winning her over could certainly help your chances. If it's possible.

Meh, it's all just theory anyways. Admittedly, the same prediction could more or less apply to anyone with a question mark concerning matters of who.. embraced? Embraced, and why, myself included. We may just have an easier time winning over patrons, not coming from a background of hunting.

Thought and speculation kept Archer's mind away from his present circumstances. His analysis did not predict an easy future, but it's what his instincts and logic added up to and he trusted them.
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WarShrike said:
"Blackcoat walked right through the wall, right over there." Biggs points at the wall. "Now i know vampires can mess with you head, make you forget stuff. Maybe see stuff that ain't there. Maybe that wall ain't really there?"

"Go for it, walk into a wall." Diego says with a laugh. "I can see what you guys are saying about picking the lock..... but think about it. Those cells couldn't hold a mortal, let alone a vampire. They didn't put that gate there to keep us in." Diego points to the vault door, "They put that there to keep us here. I think the cell doors were basically an amusement to them. Doesn't really matter though, whether they know I can pick a lock or not won't matter in the slightest when it comes time to decide if we all die." He lays his head against the wall, "But, have it your way, stay in your box."


The Tank

[sblock=Beth and the rat]Beth manages to snag the rat right before it slips back into its little hole. The tiny thing squirms in her fist squeaking.[/sblock]

WarShrike said:
"I could be mistaken, but i seem to recall keypads on the outter side of the vault door. "

[sblock=Biggs -- The bank vault door]You definitely recall there being an electronic lock on the bank vault door.[/sblock]

[sblock=Diego -- Larceny]No electronic lock in this guy. Heck they didn't even put them on this sort of door when the door was made -and- if they did it wouldn't be a keypad. (the roll)[/sblock]

Archer, Beth and Diego hear the grinding of the mechanism before the bank vault door opens giving Diego time to get up before it opens.

Nice is standing in the doorway.
He looks at Diego.
He looks around the room.
He rubs his bald head.

He takes a few seconds.

If you all get out of the cells, and one of you isn't really a neonate, but is something else, a diabolist, or a satanist or whatever, and you get attacked, or what have you , I don't want to hear about it later.

Anyway, I was coming to get you, he says to Diego. The rest of you lot are just going to sit tight tonight.

[sblock=Nice and Diego go off]Diego's visit to elsewhere will be chronicled in the preludes and nocturnes thread.[/sblock]
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Beth doesn't have time to contemplate over the rat as her hunger takes over. She quickly tears at its flesh and drains it for what it's worth, casually discarding the limp carcass in the far corner of her cell.

Get used to it, she thinks to herself.


The rat is soothing in Beth's mouth but no more than a morsel. She can hear small scratching noises from further down the rat hole, tantalizingly out of reach.


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Cole Braddock

WarShrike said:
"Mr. Braddock, what the hell did he just say? That was gibberish to me."
"Please call me either Cole or Braddock. No sense in you picking up my bad habits." Says Cole in a humble tone. "To answer your question Mr. Biggs," Says Cole as he moves to his cell door and pushes it open. "What he means is that if someone amoung us is not who they say they are, but something worse. Then being in an unlocked cell amoung such creatures is swimming at your own risk." He says as he walks out of his cell and towards the vault door and checks to see if it was left open. "That brings up another point. It would behove all of you to not think that your are on top of the food chain simply because your are a walking corpse. There are things that go bumb in the night that even Vampires should be afraid off."

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