[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1


[sblock=OOC -- the tank door]Default people lock the tank when someone is inside of it. There may be exceptions, what have you, but especially since it's known that the PCs can get out of the cells it won't generally be left open.

Will post a bit about it this night in the OOC thread when I get a chance. (Edit: here
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Biggs gets up and walks over to the concrete wall the vault door is set in, and tries to pass through it as he saw Blackcoat do. He will try for about an hour. If he doesn't succeed, he walks back to his cell and lies down.


Biggs leaves his cell and goes around to the spends about an hour in front of the natural stone wall that he saw Blackcoat pass through.

He tries to reach out, for a moment his hand seems to waver, like he's looking through a camera and the hand goes out of focus. But there is too much resistance from the wall, he can't seem to push his hand through. After a moment his hand solidifies.

As he stands in front of the wall Biggs realizes he's hungry.
[sblock=Biggs and the Wall]See the above room descriptions for where the natural stone wall is.

Every attempt to use Haven costs a blood point (just like normal). This is something Biggs didn't appreciate because he'd never done it before.

You're now down to 4 Vitae, and hungry. You can try again. You'll get hungrier though.


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"No luck?" Archer asked Cole, his voice still raspy.

He took a minute to clear his throat, "Always start the evening with my neck stiff and my voice raspy."

Trying to use the light bulb's dim radiance and the reflection off his wristwatch Archer checked the bandages on his neck. He gave a few slight adjustments and seemed for the most part satisfied.

"So Beth, we're the only members of our kind in the city as far as anyone knows, so I imagine we'll be falling back on one another a fair bit. Care to swap stories?"

Archer saw opportunity in the little group that had come together in this oppressive little bunch of cells. Banding together was a viable and advantageous option.


Festy_Dog said:
"So Beth, we're the only members of our kind in the city as far as anyone knows, so I imagine we'll be falling back on one another a fair bit. Care to swap stories?"

"I'd love to," she says stoically. "If I could remember anything. It's really like I just woke up during the cab ride to this place, and I still don't even know why I'm here."


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If Biggs spends annother blood point, will he make it through the wall? I don't wanna get him starving and unable to get out. If he's convinced he can make it, he'll try again, useing a willpower point to help if it's a difficult roll.
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[sblock=Mostly for War]
Biggs can absolutely not make it through that wall. [edit=using [I]Haven[/I] anyway. The Shawshank Redemption Method remains of course.]
He has that sense from having pushed at it. It's just too unyielding to him.

Generally Haven of Soil works on loose earth. By spending experience points vampires can add additional substances to their repritor of things they can meld into.

On top of that they don't generally meld into and out of things from the other side.
I.e. you go "in", you're basically asleep, and you come out the same way.
I'm honestly not sure whether I'd generally allow vampires to move "through" materials without a devotion.
(I haven't seen Protean devotions yet that "fit" this. I'm generally loath to make them up but the description of Haven doesn't seems to include this ability even implicity (i.e. it doesn't specify how you come in and out, except to say you can't get blocked coming out without offering any rules. -- If you could pass through things then it'd normally be explained)
So it probably takes a devotion; (which would be another 3 or 6 xp spent, on top of the 3 to add natural stone to her repritore of stuff she can meld into with Haven.

The reason why things panned out this way are
1. I need to have Biggs see -some-body use Haven of Soil before reasonably letting you use the merit. Every other idea was equally forced and/or required a lot of set-up. At least now it's "done".
2. Demonstrating that Blackcoat is an older vampire who can do things most can't.
3. That this is her haven, made to her specifications, or at least to give her an advantage.
4. Roleplaying stuff (such as it was)

Biggs has Haven of Soil now (effectively -- he'll be able to use the power as it's written) which was, to my mind, the point of the exercise really.

Also, see next block[/sblock]

[sblock=For everyone sorta meta]
The tank is designed by vampires, to hold other vampires.
It's not "perfect by DM fiat" but it is supposed to be
  • resistant to most lower level powers
  • prevent a significant-if-not-insurmountable-challenge to characters of your power level (at least individually)
  • to offer some story advantages (even the most hardbitten anti-social loner/stuck-up snob/whatever will have a conversation with people if the choice is do that or stare at a wall for hours)
  • fulfill some game setting requirements*
*=which may very well exist only in my mind but hey I'm the ST, if I don't think the story is viable given the themes/etc of the setting then they's a problem

[edit=As I mentioned in the OOC thread: the first night saw lots of conversations getting interrupted/roleplaying getting stuck on the back burner/following of NPCs about on random missions/etc.
While I feel that that was necessary to set up some characters/lay groundwork/etc I don't want that to continue unabaited.

Tonight, basically, no interruptions.

Of course, if people just want to say "one night passed, no one talked much" that's OK too.
But I want there to have been a bit of a break/chance for interaction before things start to happen again.][/sblock]
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Cole Braddock

Well I guess I’ll start then.” He says with a shrug as he moves away from the vault door and back towards his cell. “Its not like we will be traveling very much tonight.” He says in a disappointing tone. I really could have gone for a drink…

Truth be told, I was making my first million smuggling weapons for the Germans before Nice was even a trickle down his daddy’s leg. Now before you all have an aneurism, know that I was born in 1918 and then reborn sometime in 1942. And my profession at that time was acquiring and smuggling weapons and supplies for the Germans in World War II. Now before you all begin to be patriotic know that at that time I really didn’t care who was fighting, I just as well could have worked for the Allies. However the Germans paid better.” Cole sighs and there is a slight pause of silence before he speaks again. “But I am glad that the Allies did in fact win as I have no doubt that they are the reason that I am here now.” Cole pauses again as he searches the confused, staring faces. “I see a bit of explaining is still required. Very well. Though I may be older than Nice, he has benn unliving longer than I have. For the past 70 years I have had the luxury of living in a wooden box with a equally wooden stake in my chest. Only to be 'uncorked' last month by none other than our famed Prince himself.
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