[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1


First Post
Cole Braddock

Quickly and with the calm composure of well seasoned military commander, Cole makes decisive and silent gestures for Diego to hide in the ambusher spot above the door way and for Archer to climb up into the hidden shaft with the trap door closed behind him. Just as quickly and as quietly as possible he moves to hid himself within the small cavity underneath the false stairs.

Quietly he whispers to everyone as the move into position, “Do not move unless you absolutely have too…

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First Post
Climb into the shaft? Easier said than done. With a shrug Archer quickly ascended the counter and made an attempt to climb up into the shaft.


[sblock=Beth]Beth moves into the next room. Things are tidier here. There is a small well-tended sleeping mound in one corner (it has some pillows).
A dozen long pieces of some sort of leather are stretched and drying on a makeshift drying rack.

The altar dominates the room. On closer inspection it looks like it's made of thin stacked stone slabs (maybe pulled off of old sidewalks?).
The idol itself is stone, maybe a food high. Mostly it looks like a lump of black stone but, looking closely at it, Beth thinks it bears resemblance to an extremely pregnant female form; half-reclining half-squatting. It could be some sort of fertility figure.
The figures' prominent genitalia have pointy protrusions. Inept carving? Piercings? Teeth? It's impossible to say.[/sblock]

Down in the Shop

Cole slips through the door, pulling the door behind him. It's inky black in the stairwell.

Archer looks up at the vertical shaft. All he's got to do is reach up and pull himself up into the shaft. It's probably three feet above his head. He saw Beth do it; in an evening gown at that.
Archer reaches up and tries to haul himself up the shaft. He only manages to get his feet off the counter.
He looks over at the door, the approaching men are just outside the shop. One of them, he realizes, is a very large heavily pierced SE Asian. He's half supporting half carrying a smaller the smaller figure in one arm; in the other he's openly carrying a machete the size of a broadsword.

Archer decides that he would very much like to be out of sight when the two men come into the shop. aren't vampires supposed to be supernaturally strong? he thinks to himself.
Archer feels some sort of supernatural reaction in his body vitae courses through his system. He manages to haul himself up a few more inches.
Archer hears the door swing open and wrenches himself up a few more feet. He's still half in half out of the shaft when the two men burst into the shop.

Diego is trying to haul himself up onto the ledge above the doorway, unfortunately he's doing it without being seen, which involves a one handed haul. He doesn't get up before the two figures push their way into the room.

Through a crack in the door, Cole can see the two figures pushing their way into the room, the larger one snarls, baring teeth filed to points. He gently rests the smaller figure against the table and starts toward Archer massive blade in hand.

Diego reflexively dropped behind the door as it slides open. Since only the top of the door is glass he's out of sight.(For now, he'll be visible when the door swings closed).

Diego can see the smaller figure is a scrawny south east Asian woman, maybe in her 40s half crouching half clinging to the table in front of him. She's piereced in places he'd never imagine, like the back of her neck, and lines of bone along her forearms. A ratty trench coat she's wearing has several long bloody slashes. He can see open wounds; deep gashes with ragged ebony edges that are slowly oozing blood.
The smaller figure is clutching a large, wrapped parcel.
Diego is close enough to reach out and touch her.

[sblock=Initiative Order]
Le Roll (yes there were two rolls, the first one had some sort of malformed command, I just rolled again. Since the npcs are going last in the second roll I'm not expecting much in the way of complaints)
12 - Diego
11 - Cole
11 - Archer
9 - NPCs

[sblock=The spending of blood points and Willpower]So I spent some blood and will on behalf of Archer. And even with six dice he's generated precisely 0 successes.

I think the new system will be that you should put a "block" on your character if you don't want me to spend Willpower or Blood points for you. (you can block either or, or block whenever you want, like if you get low on blood or whatever).

Honestly I was expecting him to get a success (if I have my math right the odds of rolling six dice and getting 0 successes is around 4.66%) -- but them's the breaks.[/sblock]


Beth picks up the statue and examines it more closely, completely unaware of anything going on downstairs. With the idol still in her hand, she moves to the strange leather drying on the rack and curiously feels it, nothing the texture.


First Post
Archer burns some more blood in his attempt to get further up into the shaft.

"Judas would like to keep his legs, yes he would," he stammers in the third person while trying to escape the machete wielder.


Diego hides behind the door, waiting. His newfound knife in hand, he waits patiently for them to make a move. He plans out his movements in his head........... if the man with the machete moved forward, he was going to trip him.


First Post
OOC: If the man with the knife is going to take a swing at Archer, then he will burst out of the door with the gun pointing at the gun and will attempt to order him to stand down.


[sblock=Beth]The idol is heavy in Beth's hand and slightly cool to the touch. Holding it under her arm she approaches the drying rack. It looks like its a folding wire rack fro drying clothing, the warmth is provided by a jury rigged space heater.

The long strips are soft to the touch and still slightly wet; they smell of human blood.

Beth hears a commotion from downstairs, sounds like clattering and loud conversation or yelling. She can't make out specific words.[/sblock]

Down in the Shop
[sblock=Diego's Knife]Diego's new "knife" isn't really a knife.
Yes, I am a very pedantic man.

Let's just call it the eviscerator.[/sblock]

[sblock=New Initiative Order]
12 - Diego: hiding behind the door (0 successes) and watching to see what they do
11 - Archer
9 - NPCs

Cole -- Delaying unless sword-guy attacks Archer

Things begin to happen very quickly.

The large primitive is headed toward Archer.

The smaller primitive is yelling something; it's not a language anyone is familiar with.

Archer focuses, expending more blood to enhance his strength. He finally gets a handle on his newfound physical prowess, hauling himself up the shaft with alacrity. Before he realizes it he's fully up into the shaft.

The large primitive makes a wild grab for Archer's ankle but he's just too slow.

[sblock=Archer's current level of strength]Got confused about how blood works.
So the die roll had two extra dice, not four, but it doesn't matter since even whacking off the two right ones Archer has two successes.

Next turn his strength will be normal unless he spends blood again.[/sblock]

The smaller primitive is yelling something again, pointing at the dead body of the slasher who ambushed the group earlier. She's holding herself up on the table.

The larger primitive shakes his head for a moment, shielding his eyes from the harsh glow of the lightbulb he tries to look up the shaft. Archer has an excellent view of the man's broad face, the filed teeth, the extensive bone and stone piercings, the hostile, irritated look, squinting eyes trying to make out detail.

His massive sword would be a fierce item to deploy in an open space, but with it's dull tip it's poorly suited to thrusting up the tight shaft. The large slasher hefts the blade impotently making little involuntary swinging motions with it.

The smaller figure barks out a single, imperious sounding command.

The larger figure nods, abandons trying to get at Archer and turns back toward the entryway.

And he sees Diego crouching behind the door.

The smaller female primitive sees the expression on her companions face, and she's already diving out of the way, with the wrapped package in hand.

Bellowing the large primitive raises his oversized machete in a two handed grip and bears down on the young thief; the tip skitters along the wooden boards of the ceiling as he bounds forward knocking the table out of the way.


[sblock=OOC]We're still in combat rounds effectively. Diego will get to do something, probably not something very fancy, before the big guy takes a swing at him.

Once I have an idea what everyone is doing (other than Beth who's already posted) I'll push on. I may get a bit busy from now through the weekend though, so no rush if you're held up.[/sblock]


[sblock=OOC]I'm assuming the silence on the part of blood and festy means nobody's going to interview in the slashing. (Wasn't Cole going to pop out with a gun?)

I realize I did post saying "no rush" and I was busy this weekend and now with a test, so no worries about not posting.

The Slasher heedless of Diego's words, drives his blade down into Diego with punishing force. Even leaping back into the window a deep slice is opened in Diego's unliving flesh; running from collar bone to almost his waist.
[sblock=The damage]Diego's taken another 4 lethal. I assumed he's finished healing the previous wound. Current statushttp://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pNNbkNdUDj3NAzC8kdhWSDg [/sblock]


Diego's strike nicks the large man's throat.
An instant later a massive gusher of blood shoots forth, coating the ceiling with a layer of blood and filling the area with a thin red mist.

The primitive blinks once, before slowly toppling over.

The female primitive, soaked in her comrade's blood, stares in disbelief for a moment. Then she prostrates herself before Diego, holding the bound package before her like an offering.


First Post
Archer looked about within the shaft for a weapon, then heard the thud in the room below him and what seemed to be a cessation of activities. Cautiously, he dropped from the shaft to survey the room. He shook his head in disbelief and smiled as he saw the blood drenched woman bowing down before Diego.

"Planning on starting a religion, Diego?" he asked as he took a seat on the counter, "It appears you've already baptized your first follower in blood.

Archer left the counter to go analyze the remains of the sizable attacker.

"Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne." Archer chuckled at his own joke, "I wonder what information your new friend can offer us."

He cleared his throat, then coughed into his handkerchief.


First Post
"Yes. Most impressive Mr. Diego. I would say that you handled that situation quite well." Praises Cole as he walks back into the main room. He gives Diego a small nod with a smirk as he makes he way towards the offering female. "No lets see what we have here shall we..." Says Cole as he takes the offered gift from the injured women.

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