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Wait, what? PC is writing a Dungeon adventure?


WotC's bitch
It would seem so:

Dungeon #164 Table of Contents

Haven of the Bitter Glass
By Kevin Kulp
The next installment in the Scales of War Adventure Path is here! The characters meet a new ally as a flying ship crashes outside Overlook, setting off a chain of events that takes them to the scholarly city of Sayre. There, they meet an old friend and have a chance to shape the defense of the world against the growing githyanki threat. Meanwhile, some dark force in Sayre seems responsible for guiding the githyanki's war effort. As the PCs rub shoulders with the city's elite, they must also find a way to halt the githyanki's uncanny ability to share information, even over immense distances. An adventure for 12th-level PCs.

Man! Now I really have to get my gear in shape for that campaign I've been planning for OVER 9000 YEARS!

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WotC's bitch
Of course, with greater visibility comes greater weight of expectation. Therefore, this can also be the thread where I nerdrage at PC when I screw it up!


Writing Fantasy Gumshoe!
Holy crap, I am? That explains all that stuff I typed. Sweet!

I had a lot of fun with this, but I'm also nervous. It's the kind of game I love to run - some interesting politics - and I hope it's as much fun for other people. Kudos to Chris Youngs, Dungeon's Editor-In-Chief, who did a great job of development (including whipping my skill challenges into shape.)