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ZEITGEIST Want to be notified when the Adventures In ZEITGEIST Kickstarter launches?


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Want to be notified when the Adventures In ZEITGEIST Kickstarter launches? Coming as both a full campaign setting for 5E, and a standalone RPG for WOIN!


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So the notify me link is broken for this. Any updates or timeline for the Kickstarter?

Also since it looks like you are doing a Hardcover Campaign Setting any chance of a Hardcover 5E Gears of Revolution Adventure Path as a stretch goal maybe? Guessing it would be separated into 3 Volumes as was done before.


Any idea when this kickstarter might launch? I'm looking forward to it!

I know the campaign setting will be set after Gears of Revolution, but it would be great if this volume has maps and resources that could be easily adapted to fit before, during or after Gears.

I will cop to part of the delay here. Corona virus and the chaos it caused unfortunately sapped my productivity, and I did not get the text finished at the original deadline.

We're not going to launch the Kickstarter until we have the book laid out, and we're not going to start layout of the book until we have art, and we're going to start gathering art after the current Kickstarter finishes.

The book is going to be 300-400 pages, so layout will take a while. We're thinking winter, I believe.


Thank you for the update! It sounds like an interesting and exciting project. I will definitely be a backer.

As a stretch goal or add-on, you might consider making any maps and perhaps some of the artwork available as reasonably high-resolution picture files (suitable to use in a VTT) in addition to having them embedded in the book and .pdf. I always appreciate it when campaign settings have map of cities or other interesting areas with keys to some of the major locations.

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The email collection page results in a 404.

Hopefully I signed up, if not, please advise when I can, per the title of this article. Thanks.


How is the Adventures in Zeitgeist project coming along? Still planning for a winter kickstarter? The initial module looks amazing, and I'm excited to see and hear more about the book.