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First Post
*a young elf maid moves to the bulletin. Her eyes move over the posts, stoping upon the noted one. She pens her own reply, tackign it up with a quick effeciantcy.*

To those seeking Defcarr,

I do not wish this to come along as protective. However, Defcarr is my ashing, and mine alone. Those whom wish to get to him, will have to plow through myself and many other Slayers first.

If you beleive you can fight through multiple people specfically trained to fight his ilk, then, good luck. You'll need plenty of it to succeed.

Babylon Logos, the discourse of the first, Slayer.

*the Elf turns swiftly, walking off.*

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First Post
I must admit I'm at a loss. I'm torn in my decision. Whether to simply kill you, Slayer, or to sit back and watch you kill or be killed by others trying for my unlife? I might even help you, kill them off faster so that you and I may have our little war.

I look forward to our next meeting, Slayer.
Most humble regards, Defcarr

The Stricken

First Post
Written in a tight fine hand... so small you have to squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side to read... in blue ink a new message has been written ontop of the one written in blood...

truth be told death is old... a useful threat, to make the pieces set.... Shadows loom, over shadows shoulder... and too when the threat seems to grow older, those in shadows shall grow bolder... heed the words of the mad few... the next to die could be you...

finished with a single inky blot


First Post

I was born ready to die. Many are born simply to die. I work to ensure they do. Approach me, get in my way, ONLY if you are willing to die. Otherwise, may as well stay out of the way, or kill yourself and avoid some pain.



First Post
Silver moves to the board removing a parchment from a small book case and places it on the board with a small metal tac..


I have been tasked with killing a vampire going by the name of Defcarr, i was promised a challange, and have heard a small deal of him. He played with Andion and survived, so i do so hope it will be worth my time. To makes his simple, i will find you, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home if you so wish.

If proven a challange as i have been instructed, i will forgo the reward, and the amount promised upon the dusting of this undead.

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Mayu Amakura

*The young woman makes her way to the board and scans over it slowly, then places a finger on Silver's note and reads it then grins slightly and scribes down as she stands there then posts up the following note:*

Hmm, it seems a sharp voice is no sign of a keen mind. Your intelligence is obviously falling from you for you to willingly take this "hit" into consideration. No matter how many of us you attempt to kill, two things will always be infinite: Darkness and human stupidity.



First Post
to those who seek their own demise

*a lizard black as coal scuttles to the board with a note in its mouth written in a scrawl*

"To those who seek to destroy that which is unquenchable I have a message... Please come looking. Look for Defcarr and find him...but know that I am beside him and in front of him. Please come looking; for I enjoy the sport. If you come honorably, I promise a quick death. If you attempt the shadowy path, there is the greatest pleasure I have. So come...come all...for I am here, waiting."

*signed with blood as black as night*

Siskon, Chief of Security


First Post
This one known as Defcarr...

*a plain note*

To any who wish to see the end of Defcarr:

I have had some dealings with this creature in the past. I have known him from another plane. He is not invincible; for I have seen him defeated. He is not impenetrable; for I have seen him damaged. I have not seen him for many a year, even by my reckoning, but it seems he has been here. I know his weaknesses and his strengths. I have dealt with him, and I have seen what he can do...but perhaps more importantly what he cannot do. Seek me out. I am Cadmus of the high elven city of Caldera.


First Post
Again silver passes by the boards and stops, head shifting as he reads . o O ( "Your intelligence is obviously falling from you" ) chuckles lightly and slowly removes a quil already inked and adds his own little note. " I hope this clerifies, can not have one of the undead running about talking like she had a brain of a zombie."


The only thing duller then your wit is your perceptio, for you to assume my race, or intent, is as you say, something of stupidity. Oh, and another thing, a tone of voice, dont not reflect ones mind set or capabilities, again words that just prove lack if one's own mental capacity.. I'm not trying to be rude, just correcting mistakes. Just make sure you are not one of those mistakes.

Again as some seem to misunderstand my intent, it is purely one of boredom, and to alleviate that boredom, my interest has been cough, and it is understandable that when you place yourself in the attention of others, unwanted attention will follow. I care little for the dark or light, good or evil, both are forever.


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