Wanted: Dead

Mayu Amakura

*the young woman looks over the board again... pausing on Silver's reply then laughing a little*

Oh my, it seems we have one fully drawn into himself more than known imaginable. I did not refer to your race, and to be honest couldn't care less what you are or what you will become. Your words weigh less on me than the air that surrounds me. And to say you do not mean to be rude, is like saying you do not mean to seem so ignorant. Things come naturally.


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Raises a brow looking to the reply.. . o O ( Realisticly ignorant overly, she brings forth words to make me seem egotistical, yet she plays the roll of it well with her own words. ) "Yes. " he says aloud. "Things certainly do come naturally, and for her, even if it is potent enough to seem unnatural. "
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"Hmm a bounty I have over looked... That isn't like me"

A man shroweded in a black trench coat resting a hand on the hilt of his blade leave a post before walking off.

It is strange to see that of dark being as vamps and of the like being so bold. I must have been sleeping for a good time now to have missed this when first brought up. To the one paying for this bounty I have yet seen the reward for the task... Or is there one?

But still if the pay is well I guess then I will be on the hunt or hunted either way pay must be good.

Alias: Darkskies

A slight rune symbol of no meaning is left marked by the alias


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Feel free to engage me on your own, or bring friends. I'd recommend friends, it will make the battle more entertaining. Shall I assume your defeat of Elektra was honorable? Regardless, our battle comes soon.


Attack at your own risk, be willing to accept your death when I deliver it.


An old enemy from Sylvania decides to follow me into this realm. Keep in mind that just because I haven't brought my Army into this realm, with the exception of Siskon, doesn't meant I am helpless here. So if that was your thinking, correct that at once. As I have told the others, feel free to challenge me, or continue challenging the other members of Darkness. We will deliver all your deaths to you. And deliver a message for me to the young half-elf tracking my movements. Keep it up for as long as you can, young Lucas. Your father wept like a little girl when I ended his life. A pathetic, little girl. Your brother is still at my command. Your mother is delirious. You will join in their suffering soon enough.

Defcarr, leader of Darkness.


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*a simple note*


I would expect nothing less from a creature such as yourself. I expect that you have not lessened in power but gained. I expect that you have drawn all manner of vile creations around yourself in this plane as well. I expect that your ego has grown. And that is to your own undoing. Enjoy yourself while you may. As for the young half-elf, Lucas has not half the fear of you he once had, not even a quarter. He knows as do I that your defeat is inevitable and assured. You are not invincible no matter what kind of wards and creatures you gather around yourself, and I shall see to it, along with Lucas, that I penetrate your defenses and expose you as naked and bare. It is only a matter of time, and time is as meaningless to me as it is to you.

Cadmus, of the High Elven City of Caldera


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*A heavily robed creature walks up to the list, slowly and carefully reading each post before sticking his own up with a piece of bone which appears to be a tooth*

I look upon these meager threats and weightless words with no interest at all,
but a few have brough a slight smile upon my old and bloodless lips. It has been far to long for me, and in skrimish, battle, or war,
there will be none left unscathed. I hope that all that fall will be brought back into the fold of the unliving.
Good hunting to both sides, may the defeated lose more than their life.

*leaves with no signature attached to the parchment*
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