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Warforged and Liches???


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Meeki said:
Grand Archon what exactly do you want from becoming a lich? Perhaps there is another way to achieve what you want.

The phylactery (infinite res) and the other goodies that come along with being a Lich (aura of fear, paralyzing touch, etc.). That, and for the flavor. Powerful undead wizards are just really cool.

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One question. Why?

Warforged are already immortal, which is the primary reason it seems most casters become liches. Better yet, they don't have LA...which hits spellcasters hard.

Granted, liches do come back after dying...but there's ways warforged can cheat for similar effects (Clone, Contingent Raises or Rezzes, etc). A Gm might even let a warforged create a phylactery (for a similar cost and LA as a lich) and get the infinite comebacks that liches enjoy. Whether or not they get the other lich goodies, and how that affects the LA, is an exercise for the GM and player. :)
The phylactery could be a forge, where a new body is constructed and stored until the original body dies, then the "soul" transfers.


41st lv DM
Assuming Orcus exists in Eberron, which is a DM-by-DM thing (just because it can doesn't mean it does).
Why are you assuming the game is being played in Eberron?
My own game for ex contains Warforged but is definitely NOT set in Eberron.