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Hey everybody. Can anyone tell me if there has been a discussion thread on the reception of WFRP 3E, involving actual gameplay? It's out now, and I was wanting to hear what the ENWorlders think of the system in actual play. I don't have the ability to search, so I can't check myself.

Also, I know there were a few threads with people giving their opinions on the previews of WFRP 3E, but I was hoping to hear experiences with the game itself.

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Thanks for the link.

Yeah, I've seen the boardgamegeek articles, and I've been lurking on the FFG forums as well. I was just curious as to any experiences our fellow ENWorlders have had in regards to the new system.


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I don't have the ability to search, so I can't check myself.

Your main question's been answered already, so I hope you'll forgive me going off topic a bit to impart some valuable wisdom.

You do indeed have the ability to search. Go to google, and use "site:enworld.org" to restrict the google search to this site. For example, a search on site:enworld.org warhammer 3rd edition returns the thread mentioned above and additionally this very thread is the third result!

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