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I made a multi class Idea with the classes fighter, and ranger; I wanted to post it. the main things about this caricature Idea is it dos a lot of normal damage, particularly to one chosen target, gets close to it, and makes very good criticals and not un often too.

It starts with 4 levels after the ferst in Monster Slayer ranger so just of that will be doing a lot of Dex, with a rapper and shield. It will use things like favored fo and hunters mark that require concentration tho, so water fighters next top ability score would be Con but it gets better; remember what I sed about the first 4 levels in ranger after the first the first is in fighter for the con save proficiency.

For the fighter well be doing the Champion sub class beacause, I mean, a better chains of possible criticals with most likely 3 dice; why wuld you not want an extra 10 average damage.

so we would be getting 2 Dueling fighting stiles +1 from Champion +6 damage.
Probably go for hafling scout because missing thees big damage sots, and getting less criticals from poison is bad: it gives the best ability score improvements for what were doing to.

most likely ok light starting armor of around 17 that improves to a max of 24AC with damage that’s really relative but I’ll give and egsample anyway for a 10th level Watcher Fighter: +10 to hit if you have a starting Dex of 16 and put all ability score into Dex, on hit +4 dueling +6 Dex + d8 rapier + d6 slayers pray + maybe d6 hunters mark adding up to 18 average + possible 10 average critical damage with higher possibility; 28 damage than do it again. You do it a 3 time on level 15 +2 damage from additional fighting stile form Champion. Uh if all hit 32 damage at 10th or 60 damage at 15th a tern,…. Oh wait I forgot the criticals. At lover levels you still do damage just not a tun only a decent amount.
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