D&D 5E Waterdeep Dragon Heist - Alliance between Cassalanters and Manshoon?


Hey guys,

I play the Alexandran remix version of the Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign. The players have to go to the Sanctum of Manshoon to steal one of the eyes from the Stone of Golorr. Their first attempt failed. Currently they can't find a solution how to try again. For this reason they are trying to organize an alliance between the Cassalanters (with whom they are currently working) and Manshoon (who is using them with Geas Spells for his purposes).

So they are in the situation to talk directly to the leaders of the parties. The Cassalanters need the money to save their children, but they are so rich that they would probably (of necessity) be able to get by with 200,000 gold. So my players convinced them to propose an alliance. My players handed this letter proposal to Manshoon and he said that he would make a decision by the next day.

Would Manshoon accept it after his attempt to form an alliance with the Xanathar failed and he was betrayed? Would the Cassalanters or Manshoon actively plan to betray the other party? If so, what would that look like?

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Small God of the Dozens
Manshoon would be exactly the fellow to propose or accept an alliance with the express purpose of betraying the Cassalanters to get his hands on everything they own. Use them to further his own ends first and dispose of them when the chance arises. The players of course play the role of disposable pawns. I think it's got juice.


I agree. I think Manshoon would easily use whoever might be able to help him achieve his goals. Go for it. I'd be curious to hear how this turns out for your players.

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