We Are All Neutral Survivalists: Alignment in a Complex World

Very interesting discussion and historical conversations here..

My one-line explanations of the alignments goes thusly:

Good: Other-centric, pursuing others advantage at personal cost
Evil: Self-centric, pursuing your advantage at the cost of others
Nuetral: Cost-centric, pursuing the path of least cost to the best advantage

Lawful: Following a code or set of external rules
Chaotic: Following a code or set of internal rules
Nuetral: Situational morals, doing what feels right at the time without regard to a code, rules, or previous choices.

The caveats to this are that alignments are based on the society of the character and the knowledge that the character has. A LG Paladin who's leadership sets a code that says 'all Orcs are evil and must die' will, beleiving his/her actions are good, commit genocide on the Orcs. Others, the Orcs specifically, would see these actions as evil.

But ... I don't really use alignments in my game and haven't since 1e timeframe. And I echo from upthread... for alignments to work you need to define 'Evil'

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Alignment is such a peculiar thing from back in the painful days of the past. It's like string theory and aethers of the body..it doesn't exist. It's a name.

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