D&D 5E Weird spell+item combo - would this work?


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So, I have a 9th level Warlock who recently acquired a Cube of Force. This warlock also has the "Sculptor of Flesh" invocation that lets him cast Polymorph once a day.

I noticed that the effect of the Cube, once activated, is centered on you - not on the magic item. And one of the possible effects is a 15' cube (centered on you) that blocks non-living matter from passing through it.

So it occurred to me that if I activate that effect and then polymorph myself into a T-Rex (a Huge Creature) - the cube exactly covers my area, but my natural weapon attacks extend beyond it because of my reach.

In theory, I would be immune to attacks from weapons and projectiles until the Cube effect ends a minute later. Still vulnerable to spells and monks or animals, but against a group of weapon users it seems like it would be incredibly effective.

For added fun, cast Jump (via another invocation) before polymorphing, so you have a T-Rex behind glass leaping across the battlefield, crushing anything it lands on.

It feels like this shouldn't work, but I can't see any reason why it doesn't.

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Rules Monkey
Well, the warlock in question is a blade pact warlock - he usually uses a greatsword + Hex + Great Weapon Master. But since the cube is centered on him, he can't make melee attacks out of it with his greatsword. This occurred to me because I was trying to think of a way around that.

He's already done the "block non-living matter" and cast eldritch blast through it, but that isn't as effective as his melee attacks. :)

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