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Hi just re-signed. Not sure what happened to my old account. Played D and D since 1st ed in all versions except 3 and 3.5. Currently engaged in several 5th Ed campaigns including a homespun (switched over from a much home-ruled 2nd ed campaign), Ravenloft and the "Tyranny of the Dragons" series.

Larry Dauber

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Hi I am Larry,
I won a Mansion and a Yacht.
I am new to 5e but have played DnD since basic and chain mail. I have just started my first virtual adventure. I am looking for something local to my area or a Al to Join.


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Hello! My name is CrystalScion, and I was recomended to this blog after getting the Players Guide for 5E!
I hope that I can find excellent material here, and hopefully make some of my own!


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Hello Everybody, so nice to see you! Joined forums to seek out players in So Cal who might like Dragonlance and Star Wars RPG's.


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All Hail the Yellow Banner of Postings!

I give unto the Blessed Banner my second of three offerings!

Also, I would like to just say hi to everyone. I have done only a couple of D&D session but never a full campaign. I will be starting my first one in just a few weeks. What will I be playing as? I am so glad you asked that question and I thought long and hard about it. So, I am going to try my hand at a being a Blue Dragonborn Sorcerer. Well wish me luck.

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