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Hi Peeps
Long time English D&D gamer and GM (since AD&D 1e in 1980, and all editions since)
I also play Savage Worlds and Tunnels and Trolls. And Exalted. And Star Wars. You get the picture...

Bright Blessings to everyone!

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Hi there, I created an account ages ago, but never came around to do anything with it until now.
I´m well into my forties, playing RPGs since 1984 (started with basic D&D, the famous red "Mentzer" Basic Set), and played a lot RPGs (and some LARPs) since then.

I started to collect RPG stuff about 20 years ago, not coincidentally when ebay became available over here, and have collected quite a few things, considering that getting hold of RPG items is not always that easy in Germany.

Presently, I DM a Pathfinder campaign, an Ars Magica game, and occasionally Hunter:the Reckoning and Deadlands classic. I don´t have the opportunity to play myself presently, but would love to have a D&D game.



Darren L

Hello everyone, been role playing for about 30 years (if being honest more of a "roll" player).
I now live just outside of Chesterfield UK.
Games I have played include
D&D (the red book)
2nd ed D&D
3rd D&D
3.5 d&d
Role master
Tunnels and Trolls
Mech warrior
Plus many others
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First Post
How do everyone. I'm Stu, hailing from North Wales.

Apart from avidly playing the Livingstone/Jackson FF books 25 (plus) years ago, I have zero experience with table top gaming but I have to say after seeing a few YT vids, I'm intrigued, mostly because I'm growing increasingly disillusioned with video games and I'm after a more creative and community based gaming experience.

I'd prefer to find a local group who's into a cyberpunk/post apocalyptic setting but I'm not going to discount anything tbh.

Cheers, Stu.


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Howdy! long time player first time forum join-er my bread and butter at the moment is fifth edition D&D but it's been tough trying to find a group willing to play in person. so i'm currently looking for tips and tricks on DMing and dungeon building and the like.

i'm happy to be here and hopeful to meet new and interesting friends

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