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D&D General Welcome Thread


Small God of the Dozens
Welcome! Pull up a chair by the fire and tell us about that time you killed a Mind Flayer with a fork in a Waterdeep dive bar...

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First Post
Hello there.

Within the last year I've gotten deeply into DnD 5e. Mostly a player and map designer, but DM occasionally as well. Happy to meet some new adventurers!


Hello, everyone. Jurrubin here. Just moved to Bentonville, AR. Been playing D&D since it came in a little white box in 1977. Nice to see how the RPG industry has flourished since then.


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Howdy everyone!

My name is Dom 'TheXploder' Coles and just signed up here to hopefully get to chatting with like minded guys in the Table-Top community! As well as this I hope to at some point gather some interest around the game I am working on called 'Ring Warriors: The Wrestling Table-Top Role Playing Game'.

Hope everyone is having a good day and hope to get to know people from here. May the dice treat you well!


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Hello guys & girls :)

Iam Martin from Germany - Berlin and a Tabletop gamer for about 20 years now! Looking forward to speak to nice people about the hobby and other stuff around it :)!

Actually iam waiting for the new announced Kings of War - the roleplaying game soon and want to be a GM for it within my area :)!

Cheers from Berlin


First Post
Hello everyone.
I'm not sure how to introduce myself... well, I like tabletop games (that's to be expected since I'm here). I'm a nebie DM for D&D 5e and ran a few games for my friends.
To be honest I prefer being a DM much more rather than a player, since it's much more fun for me. And I'd like to run a Call of Cthulhu game some time in the future. My english may be wonky sometimes, but I hope it will get better and more fluent with practice.

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