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D&D General Welcome Thread

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New Here ... Obviously !! But a long-time Gamer overall.
I enjoy most RPGs & Board games ... tho there are a few that I don't.

Only here, really, to ask what should be a simple 5th Ed DnD question, about
AC that the RAW fail to clarify for me. Just looking for an appropriate Thread.


First Post
Hello, EN World

Hm, what to say? Well, A Portable Hole Full of Beer and Bride of a Portable Hole Full of Beer by EN were the first two gaming PDFs I ever downloaded, so there's that I guess. And I might possibly have made some major expansions to the prestigeless classes Combat Chef, Grizzled Curmudgeon, and Big League Bowler, come to think of it. To misquote Disgaea 4's Fenrich, all is for my lols.

I come here by way of WOIN NEW, having heard that FASAtrek STSCS ships translate almost directly and having fond memories of playing with the old Starship Construction Manual. If I contribute anything beyond allegedly humourous quips and the occasional editing or typographic error it'll probably be an adaptation of Grubbian space travel and components from 2e Spelljammer to NEW, as while I'm far past done with class and level systems and generic Tolkien rip-off fantasy in general, I don't mind inserting a bit of laser swords and nebulous sorcery into soft-science space opera.

I'm not a big fan of dice pools, either, but at least they're better than linear probability even if they do get more and more centred out after the first three or four dice - I really like BTRC's EABA for the mechanic of rolling a dice pool and then picking the best three (or four with a certain advantage bought for the purpose) because it keeps the target numbers relatively consistent while still making it meaningful to have more dice to roll.

I've got a sort-of-half-made hex map space combat board game called Conquer the Crabs! sitting around as image files and a messy text file of rules fit into the folding board and game box templates from thegamecrafter.com's print on demand service, using a nice NASA picture of the Crab Nebula as background to my digitally painted logotype, rockets and crabs. Sadly, the box and board alone would end up being $20, let alone other parts like dice, pawns & tokens, stickers, possibly a deck of mini-cards for upgrades, etc. so it's hard to justify a suitable return on the investment with amateur-level game design in the rules no matter how well the art turned out.

Lets see, otherwise... currently fortymumble, unemployed due to chronic insomnia and the resulting symptoms, and waffling between reading fanfic, RPGs, and 3D modeling as biggest time-wasters, with writing occasional prose fiction and CG or pencil & paper art for seasoning. I suppose I could give art commissions a try, but I'm not really that confident in my output.

Now let's see if I can post something without having all the carriage returns stripped out!

Edit: No, no I cannot. Why not?
Edit 2: It works after editing the post, though...
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