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If a fella' wants to play a weird-western game, then Western Gothic has everything they need with a little more on top, as a treat.

That includes:
  • Its own fictional world (including its map) of lawless frontiers and high noons.
  • A skill-based character creation system that allows players to make any kind of character they want, including weird witches who consort with the supernatural, gunslingers with lightning reflexes, snake-oil salesmen, and more.
  • Three different magic systems:
    • Machinists, who can create impossible (and unstable) magical artifacts
    • Mystics, who can mutate their body to have acid-blood, claws, symbiotic insect swarms, and more
    • Wyrds, who can cast spells, at some personal risk
  • A resolution mechanic based on Texas Hold 'Em, all the way down to players wagering on their action during a showdown
  • Over 40 pieces of art

If this sounds like a good time, check out the link below:


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