D&D General What’s a good family friendly stream to show someone what D&D is?

My sister and/or her husband for some reason don’t want their kids playing D&D. It’s ridiculous, but I’m not going to get in to all the details. I’m planning on talking with them this weekend to find out exactly what their particular objection is, but it occurred to me that nowadays people can watch other people play D&D, so I could just point them to one of those if they are at all open to considering their position.

The problem is that they are pretty restrictive with media, and if I point them to a PG-13 game that probably won’t help, which rules out most of the popular streams. Any good suggestions for something they can watch that is closer to PG?

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Lowcountry Low Roller
There are many other RPGs out there that don’t involve magic and undead and whatever. Perhaps run them through something more futuristic. There’s a Star Trek RPG for example.

I guess I would say that there’s an opportunity to meet them halfway, rather than fight over D&D.

Tell them in the hands by a right DM a TTRPG is a very pedagogical tool where the children learn social skills. Do you know "Tiny Dungeons"? I would advice "Magissa", a Spanish-languange RPG to play with children, but it hasn't translated to English yet. Maybe a kickstarter will be lauched by Nosolorol some day. And "Little Monster Detective"?

And they have to remember the true key is children have to learn the respect of the human dignity, the core of the ethical code.


There's a Harry Potter themed show over on Tablestory that I've been watching and it's mostly PG.
I'd say the actual play is about 95% PG material with some swears that slip in, but the pre- and postshow talk may have some non-PG jokes and stuff.

It's running on a modified Powered by the apocalypse-system and there's a live episode on twitch on tuesdays and past episodes can be viewed on twitch and youtube if you want to check it out: Witchcraft and Wizardry - A Harry Potter TTRPG Actual Play - A Free Harry Potter TTRPG Ruleset


Maze Arcana fits the bill.

It has no cursing, with a sh*t slipping once over many episodes.. Ruty mentioned that he and Satine wanted a stream that Satine's nieces could watch without their mother getting worried.

Thanks all! My plan was to ask them what the issue is, and let them know there are other RPGs like Star Wars if it was just the D&D in particular. Turns out my sister didn‘t seem to remember why they wouldn’t let them play before. I gave her a quick sales pitch for the value of role-playing games for children, and encouraged her to be approving of the nephew I think would benefit from it the most playing with friends at school (he’ll be starting a new school). Unfortunately, they restrict screen time a lot, so he can’t play with my group online, and I’ll be living on the other side of the planet soon, but hopefully he’ll make some friends he can play with.

Any other streams would still be welcome, since she might end up asking me for more info later.

Fate and the Fablemaidens is definitely designed to be family-friendly from the get-go! A bunch of women playing a magic-tech D&D campaign with a lot of laughs and tacos!



The Matt Mercer / Stephen Colbert game is pretty PG as far as I remember. IT also has the benefit of being short.
I think this is a great suggestion. That video is only about an hour long, and there's a bit where Stephen's character proves his worth to a ghost who's testing him by saying that he fights to free children from poverty, or something like that. It's downright inspirational!



Scruffy and Determined
Unfortunately, they restrict screen time a lot, so he can’t play with my group online, and I’ll be living on the other side of the planet soon, but hopefully he’ll make some friends he can play with.
man even though it's with you, teaching him skills that might make it easier for him to make friends at his new school? what if there's no one who plays D&D and he has to be the DM himself? I get not wanting your child to spend the entire day playing video games, but the idea of "screen time" feels like bs most of the time.

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