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D&D 5E What are Possible Ancestors/Sources for a Shadow Sorcerer Bloodline?


Back in middle school when I thought DnD and Pathfinder were somehow the same thing, I fell in love with the Sorcerer as Pathfinder had presented it: a semi-magical creature that had a supernatural or esoteric being lurking somewhere in there family tree, whether as an actual genealogical ancestor or who left a big arcane stain on the real ancestors. And, being born right next to Halloween, loving the "Dark is not Evil" trope, and sticking to the shade as a kid due to light and heat sensitivity, I felt some connection with the Shadow Bloodline Sorcerer and its abilities. Later, I would learn that Pathfinder and DnD were quite separate franchises, and quickly discover and fall in love with 5e's own Shadow Magic Sorcerer (just wish it had subclass spells like Pathfinder's; like why not, Jeremy?!).

Here's where my problem arises; I still want to play a Sorcerer with a supernatural ancestor, rather than just being exposed to high levels of planar magic or being experimented on, but I can't think of a single potential type of candidate for that role in the ancestry of a Shadow Magic Sorcerer. All the species and entities I know of from the Shadowfell are either not magical enough, feral beasts and monsters, or so evil and destructive (and undead) it's hard to imagine them having some kind of family or letting anyone who could synergize with their dark power actually survive.

I need inspiration.

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Sir Brennen

If you're playing in the Forgotten Realms, there's a few possibilities. Check the "Inhabitants" section of this wiki article:

Some of those could be used as is (shadow demons, for example), or re-fluffed/stolen for another campaign. Shades, Dark Powers, even just assuming that high level NPCs serving gods tied to the Shadowfell might be infused with enough of the plane to pass it on in their bloodline. Heck, even though they're not official in 5e, a shape-shifted shadow dragon might have been one of your ancestors consorts.
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