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Wyclef Jean's "The Carnival" (thanks 2nd Harry Mudd episode of Star Trek: Discovery!), various songs from Wes Anderson film soundtracks, esp. Elliot Smith's "Needle in the Hay", and the new St. Vincent album.

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You know who I miss from the 80s? Quiet Riot! Once upon a time they were my favorite band, was just gonna download the album Metal Health from Amazon, but all they has was the "clean" version. I dont even know what that means, I dont remember a lot of cussing on that album, so why should there be a "clean" version? I just wanted the normal version so I decided to just order an actual CD, something I dont do a lot of in this day and age, found it on Amazon for like 3 bucks! But, to get it you had to buy like 20 dollars of other crap, so forget it, ended up finding a box set of their first 5 albums for under 20 bucks so figured I'd go with that, also picked up the Randy Rhoads Years. Many people might not be aware that Randy is one of the founders of Quiet Riot, they actually put out 2 albums in the late 70s that saw a Japan only release. Randy ended up hooking up with Ozzy, and Quiet Riot regrouped and gave us Metal Health. Anyways, The Randy Rhoads years is an interesting look at their early career. Still has that Quiet Riot sound, but not as heavy as in Metal Health and a little less polished, but I wouldnt call it bad.


On to Metal Health, you know what? I think it still holds up all these years later, which kinda surprised me, usually when I revisit anything from my childhood I'm like this is complete crap! But, Metal Health had me bangin my head just like all those years ago. Gets a thumbs up from me!


Movin on to Condition Critical, they pretty much followed the same formula of Metal Health, stick a power ballad on there and a Slade cover. Its not a bad album, but I think it shows the band moving away from metal somewhat and incorporating different musical styles such as Stomp Your Hands and Clap Your Feet, which has more of a "boogie" sound to it, but it still sounds like Quiet Riot for the most part so Im gonna let it slide.


By 1986 Quiet Riot had totally lost their edge, I'm not sure if this was a conscious effort from the band or if they caved to pressure from the label to sound more like whatever was popular at the time. So they got a more poppy sound and got some synthesizers, apparently in an attempt to cash in on the success of Van Halen's Jump. While the first two albums (and the Randy Rhoads Years) pleasantly surprised me with how well they stand up to the test of time, QR III was complete crap. I found it very difficult to force myself to listen to the whole thing. Its got one decent track on it, the rest is 80s synth pop bullcrap.


So after QR III, their next release is QR, huh? I couldn't even listen to the whole thing, ugh, its so bad, I dont even know where to start. Well first off the band got rid of long time vocalist Kevin DuBrow and replaced him with some David Coverdale wannabe, the band in turn does their best to sound like Whitesnake, the result is just complete crap. I feel bad even posting this cause there isnt even one half-way decent song on this album, its all 100% crap.


But wait! There's more! The next album is actually just a live album. Mostly featuring songs from the first 2 (US release) albums, so I dig it.


The band would go on to release seven more albums, chances are I'm not going to be buying any of those.

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Quiet Riot was one of the first metal bands I got into as a wee lad, and I think Condition Critical was in the first batch of tapes I got from Columbia House Record club. Can't say I listen to them anymore but Metal Health is still a smoking tune.

Quiet Riot's Metal Health and Def Leppard's Pyromania was the first 2 cassette tapes I ever got, back then I thought they was the heaviest thing around haha.

There is one band though that I really liked back in the day that are still around today and they have never changed up their sound to be more radio friendly or whatever. If anything they have just become more louder and heavier. I am, ofcourse, talking about Overkill, hell yeah!!!


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