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What are you listening to?

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Right now- and for the past few days- I’ve been bingeing on various Bill Laswell projects:

Bill is one of the most important fusion artists out there. Over his many decades, his recordings touch and freely mix & meld jazz, reggae, metal, industrial, rock, latin music, Indian music, funk, and so much more.
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The ultimate answer to everything:



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The Shazam Theme, by Benjamin Wallfisch, from the original motion picture soundtrack of said file, by WaterTower Music.


I always do love how Dc Superheroes have the BEST theme music!

From John Williams Superman, to Danny Elfman's Batman, etc.

Sadly, can't say the same the Marvel. The Avengers had a great theme by Alan Silvesti, and Danny Elfman's Spiderman theme is there, the current MCU is lacking.


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In this week's episode of Strange Math:

Sort of bad movie + sort of good game = fantastic soundtrack. How the heck does that work?


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I picked up the new Chemical Brothers album...

Lots of electronic musicians would be proud to make that CD. The Chemical Brothers shouldn’t be. Instead of leading the pack like they usually do, this sounded derivative. Dated. The only song I thought truly up to standards was “We’ve Got To Try”.

Or, as my Mom put it, “This album sounds old.”

For diehards & completists only.

OTOH, the new Rival Sons album, Feral Roots is definitely living up to the band’s previous output.


- Tool: Sooo good! When will Mr. Keenan finally decide to dedicate some time to finish Tool's new album - it's been over ten years now, damnit?!
It's the musicians that are taking forever. Maynard's been waiting for them to finish the songs so he can write some vocals on top of it, but it's taken them 10+ years to do it.


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I am listening/watching:


Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined.

Yay, some of it is serious CGI.

The fact the walls, floors, etc. take lightsaber damage is awesome.

And how the light from the sabers reflect off of Vader's helmet is great.

As for those that say a Jedi of Kenobe's age would not move that way, just look back a EP.3, and Yoda's fight with Palpaltine.

With the force, one CAN do physical feats one could not normally do.


A Wicked Kendragon

CD Projekt Red says that they'll be at E3 2019. Hype.


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KOYAANISQATSI, part 1 of 9.

This film is the first of a trilogy of movies, and IMO, the best of the three.

You have to see the whole film to understand (?) get a feel for what it is.


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IMPS The Relentless Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway.

There are three chapters to this so far.

Great writing, directing, performance, etc.

Awesome fan-flick!

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