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What are you listening to?

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Nothing new musically. I am listening to four podcasts regularly though.

Odd Tonic - Jen Page (of The Gamers movie series fame) and Max Holechek - The weird and paranormal.
Also has a Facebook group to promote online discussion. Generally light and comedic in quality, rather than ardently trying to make you believe.

Two Bards, One Mic - Scott C Brown (also of The Gamers fame) and Andy Dopieralski - General conversation, tech, film making... They're friends and have had me on a couple of times, when I was visiting Seattle.

Coddiwomple - Matt Vancil (writer, screenwriter, known for The Gamers, JourneyQuest, and many others) - The podcast connected to Matt's Patreon. Discusses writing and film making, current projects, literature, and life in general. Frequently also features actor Nathan Rice.

Gamer Chick - Sarah Moore (star of the webseries called, oddly enough, Gamer Chick) and others - Roleplay in their own custom RPG, in the world of her web series.


I have a very varied musical taste... Some of the stuff I listen to:

Abney Park
Inkubus Sukkubus
Jean Michel Jarre
Max Raabe & Palast Orchestra
Mediaeval Baebes
Niagara (French pop/rock-band from late 80's early 90's)
Postmodern Jukebox (if you can see them live, do so)
Sisters of Mercy

How do you put in a video here?


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How do you put in a video here?
In the controls at the top of the text box where you write your reply there are three dots (an ellipsis) that if you hover over it says insert, click on that it there will be a drop down list, and at the top it says media, click that, and paste the url of the video there, then it will be inserted into your post.


Mediaeval Baebes with their song Salva Nos from their debut album with the same name.

And the other end of the spectrum of music. The Russian folk-metal group Grai with their song Mlada


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Just swapped out Tesla’s latest, ZZ Top’s XXX and an old Charlie Hunter Trio CD for the latest from a The Raconteurs, The Black Keys, and Esperanza Spalding, respectively.

Also, took mom to see Rival Sons and STP Thursday night. Because there was an un-announced third band opening- Warbly Jets- Mom ran out of endurance before STP took the stage. However, Warbly Jets were pretty good, and Rival Sons utterly KILLED it, with a set list spanning all but their first album, and nearly ALL of Mom’s faves.

Here’s one of the tunes WJ played during their set:

There was also this cool Thai reggae tune played during the intermission between WJ & RS, by a band called Job2Do.
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