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What are you listening to?


Nothing new musically. I am listening to four podcasts regularly though.

Odd Tonic - Jen Page (of The Gamers movie series fame) and Max Holechek - The weird and paranormal.
Also has a Facebook group to promote online discussion. Generally light and comedic in quality, rather than ardently trying to make you believe.

Two Bards, One Mic - Scott C Brown (also of The Gamers fame) and Andy Dopieralski - General conversation, tech, film making... They're friends and have had me on a couple of times, when I was visiting Seattle.

Coddiwomple - Matt Vancil (writer, screenwriter, known for The Gamers, JourneyQuest, and many others) - The podcast connected to Matt's Patreon. Discusses writing and film making, current projects, literature, and life in general. Frequently also features actor Nathan Rice.

Gamer Chick - Sarah Moore (star of the webseries called, oddly enough, Gamer Chick) and others - Roleplay in their own custom RPG, in the world of her web series.