What are you listening to?


Well, seashanties is appearently the new rage, or so I hear. And yes, this one has been played a lot. Maybe not a proper sea shanty...
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Listened to the debut-album from the group Nepal Death. One of my oldest friends is the singer in the band. It is a rather weird album to say the least.



Still 80's "metal" and "hair metal". Also love the "covers remade in a metal vibe" done by Leo Moracchioli. For example, "Adele's" song "Hello".
Check him out, Frog Leap Studios. Just make sure you have a few hours to kill.... once you start, it's hard to stop! :)


Paul L. Ming

Been listening to a lot of Carabao. This song has one of the sweetest twin guitar melodies in my opinion (the lyrics, I believe, are about alcoholism: was told the title translates into something like 'the drunken uncle'):



I thought that said "Napalm Death" at first. Interesting sound
You are not the first to give that comment regarding the name. I have a feeling it is intended, but I am not sure. ;)

The singer is a fan of RPG's and wrote 3 quite good Call of Cthulhu-scenarios for the local annual gaming convention back in the 90's. Sadly they are only availible in Swedish (there is a site called Alexandria.dk that has lots of scenarios from various rpg conventions. I think most of them are in NON-English languages, but might provide some good stuff).


A floating corpse on a carriage,
Behind him are the dancing youths,
Through a slit of licked lips
You can hear the brains of the bells.
Sobbing Country
Drowning in green snot,
Hope has touched bottom,
The bottom is in hot coals.
Soot of farewell speeches
Over a mown field of carnations,
Full-tearful human stream,
Drowning in the same cry.
In the gold of mourning ribbons
The sunbeam plays,
The letters of new legends
Countries of endless clouds.
And someone lightly breathed the air of the wind changes,
And someone threw away a chair,
Hanging at a height of half a meter.
Someone shouted "Hurrah!"
And the echo bird flew through the streets,
Fluttering over the city until morning,
The dawn made the white feathers sparkle.
And then everyone will start sharing everything, but not sharing.
The abomination will present new faces.
Others will come to eat,
Long-awaited, angry,
Torn to pieces
What's left,
Make pity true,
There will be bloodshed.
Many. Again. Again.
All we want is warmth,
And we only want light,
Spring. To our bodies
Through dreams grew into summer.



Not your screen monkey (he/him)
I’m listening to crickets and horny frogs. Local power is out and nature is the loudest thing around.

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