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What are you listening to?

Aging Bard

When contemplating--Messiaen: From the Canyons to the Stars

When relaxing--Barber: Summer Music

When serious--Ruggles: Men and Mountains


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Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.
I've been on an early Stones jag lately.

The Rolling Stones No. 2 has some really good rock 'n roll that shows exactly why they were the South Side's answer to The Beatles.

"Time Is On My Side" is the best known track but "Down The Road Apiece" is just an amazingly fun toe-tapping song.



Dying in Chargen
Was one of my favourites in the Eurovision song festival.
That was a reason I did not post it before, because I figured everyone has heard "Shum" from the contest. It is a spring festival song, this just a modern interpretation, a catchy tune, I sometimes find it in my mind, as I work.

The Lizard Wizard

I came across the music of Joanna Newsom early in the year.
While I'm a decade and a half late to the party, I have to say, the album 'Y's' in particular is sublime.

Level Up!

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