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D&D General What are you prepping for your next D&D session? (+)

I'm not even on deck for DMing so my prep right now is mostly waiting for level up to come out so that I can renovate what I've already designed.

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I am right now at this moment picking out the minis that I'll need and getting the maps together for the "Snow Drifters" to wrap up Chapter 1 of Rime of the Frostmaiden tomorrow (Saturday) at 1230 pm EST.
Got my enemy statblock cheatsheets all done up, got my timeline reminder done and attached to the dm screen, and I got my npc interaction cheat sheet all set to go. I think I'm ready.


We're going to pick up where we left off last time, where the 4th-level PCs are chasing after a necromancer and figured out the command phrase to follow him through a teleportation circle network. Now they're in an unknown city and the magic book that will allow them to teleport back to the city they came from has been taken from its niche, so they'll not only have to find the necromancer but also the book with the key on how to get back.

And to make matters worse, this city they teleported to was infused with necromantic energy years ago, such that pretty much everyone who lived there has been slain and reanimated as undead. The PCs will be fighting their way through hordes of random skeletons, zombies, and the occasional shadow...it's going to pretty much be a D&D session of "The Walking Dead." (Good thing two of the PCs have cleric levels!) And this would have been thematically appropriate for the Halloween season, but scheduling conflicts are going to postpone this game session until 13 November.*

On the plus side, after they complete this adventure they'll all be leveling up to 5th level, so I'll be building upgrade checklists for the players as well.


*Edit: Looks like the game's being bumped yet another week. Fingers crossed for 20 November.
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I might be running 5e after our current OD&D campaign wraps up (unless my buddy runs a Spirit of 77 game first). Current ideas:

Anime Gothic fantasy inspired by Netflix’s Castlevania series and, umm, climate change science fiction. Might use pieces of Rime of the Frost Maiden and Temple of Elemental Evil.

Science fantasy where I give Waterdeep a Thundarr the Barbarian makeover and use a heavily-modified Dragon Heist. There may also be an invasion. From space.


I was contemplating beginning some prep on a Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign (in Greyhawk) or another campaign set around Furyondy / Veluna and the ongoing struggle against Iuz (also in Greyhawk, obviously), but without a planned Session 0 date for either one; like others have said, now I'm sort of on the fence and just waiting for the LU stuff to go out so I can decide if I want to run that right out of the gate, or maybe go back to a 2E campaign (which would require MUCH less conversion work.)


After 8 months my social pillar- and roleplaying-loving players are lvl 7. After much ado they have finally broken a Waterdeep distribution network trading in the mysterious drug only known as salt. They have learned that the necromantic Black Flame Society is behind the salt production, and has taken on one of their bases south of the Regheed glacier. At the same time the learned about Goliaths and barbarians scrambling for war with each other north of Icewind Dale (which ties into the backstory of the partys goliath barbarian).

On Friday the party will start traveling to the Northern war area on the (gnomish) Aeronautic guilds experimental airship, El Gaviota Loco.

I will prep an air encounter with some save-the-balloon drama, and set the scene for the war area. I will also stat up the bad guys behind the war mongering - it's a pair of cursed twin warlocks with Fraz-Urb'luu as patron. And of course they have ties to the Black Flame Society.

I will also set the scene for Caer-Konig in Iceland Dale, where goliath and barbarian refugees have gathered. Among them is the party goliath barbarians mentor/uncle, and her former barbarian tribe lover. I may also let an old NPC favorite return, the patchwork human-of-a-kind Dr Dragomir, zombie surgeon extraordinaire, as a refugee camp help worker sewing clothes for the needy. (He is simply an Igor as in Terry Pratchett's Discworld, which the players are clueless about :) ).

If I know my party right they will stop at Caer-Konig and get sucked up in social and roleplaying stuff, we'll see if they manage to get to the war area next session this Friday.
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The first session of the first Sins of the Scorpion Age campaign will begin in media res. A group of mercenaries will be attacking a compound hidden in the caves and canyons of the scaled warren where a Sorceress prophesied to bring about a new dark age to the Scorpion Lands has been hidden away for much of her life.

A disaffected temple guardian who learned too much at the Shore of the Afterworld.
A bounty hunter seeking to balance life in the wild with the myriad lures of civilization.
And a would be hero who has lost his way through abuse and mistrust of superiors.

Will each join this band to assault the compound and capture the Sorceress so she can be brought to -True- Justice.

The Blood of the Ages flows in mid to late November.


My PCs are about to enter a dungeon/module, but nearby is a ruined town with a crashed airship in it. Warforged ex-crew and goblins live in the ruins, while other crew that stayed on the ship have recently been awakened and are trying to repair it. I am hoping the PCs will go explore and find a pinnace in the wrecked ship; the wizard behind the ship repair crew is crazy from varied backstory factors and they will most likely knock him off, or possibly cure him and be given a reward…


Scheduling has been my groups downfall recently, so our next session has been prepped for weeks, a monster hunt for a basilisk. Seems straightforward, but I'm also introducing hints to the eventual big bad.

After that the characters will have a few weeks of downtime where we will tie up some loose ends. After the downtime, I'm prepping for the week-long spring festival.

Also been working on our spooky season one shot. I'm adapting the Town of Bridgepuddle adventure to play a zombie outbreak. Different characters for the one shot, but will tie into my campaigns main story line.

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I was thinking "next campaign", but then I realized the thread was about the "next session". And "D&D". Hmmm...

Well anyway I am doing a lot of prep for... Gloomhaven.

Seriously, I've prepped sessions with less time, effort, and resources than this! (This better be freakin' amazing!!)

It is!! 😁👍

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