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So, let's lighten up the discussion a bit, eh?

About four years ago, my oldest son (who knew I played D&D and wrote some self-published stuff in the early 3E days) asked me about D&D because some of his friends at school were interested in it and wanted to play it and possibly start an RPG club at their high school. Knowing that high school kids don't always have the most robust RPG budgets (especially in the area where we live), I purchased the PHB, DMG, and MM, told him it was a gift to the group/club, and bought a bunch of sets of dice so everyone in the group could have one. I then spent a couple of weekends running them through my own conversion of N4 - Treasure Hunt, and they started running their own adventures from there (until COVID hit, I guess).

Fast forward to last year as we were coming out of COVID - he's now graduated from high school and asked me to DM again for him and some of his friends. In our session 0, we discussed a few "house rules" - I told them I like to run games that are about resource depletion and my rule is that while you can get a "short rest" in enemy territory, a "long rest" can only happen in a "secure" area. I also told them I wasn't going to deliberately throw them into situations to try to kill them, but if I felt an encounter was fair, I was willing to let the dice fall where they may and wasn't going to try to save them because I didn't want them to feel like they were being handed stuff. And if they deliberately sought out a problem too big for them to chew on, I'd probably throw some warnings at them, but if they persisted marching into an ancient red dragon's lair at 2nd level, I had no problem making them into BBQ. We also agreed to implement permanent magic items that "grew with them" because I thought (and they agreed) it was more epic to slowly uncover an item's powers than to discard your +1 sword when you found a +2 sword, and it lets them become more attached to their magic items.

They agreed that they wanted some of that old-school feel, so I pulled out my copy of B1-9 (In Search of Adventure) and used it as a sandbox for them. They went through Elwyn's Sanctuary, the dungeons of Castle Caldwell, made a homebrewed overland journey and are now getting close to finishing Rahasia (yes, they're going slow, but this group is EXTREMELY risk-averse and tries to avoid encounters as much as possible; we might get through two encounters in the space of four hours - but they're having a good time and that's what matters... also, without spoilering things, it took them several runs through the upper temple to figure its gimmick out).

So, what it boils down to is that for the last year, I've been running BECMI adventures in the Mystara setting (which they are amazed by) under 5E rules with quite a bit of third-party stuff mixed in (Nord Games' Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde has let me mix up the humanoid races much better than the MM does, I pulled the Lore for one of the swords the party found from the old 3E PDF "Swords of our Fathers" by the Game Mechanics), and mixed in some NPCs giving them the finer points of 1e/2e dungeon crawling (like teaching them to spike a door shut in a dungeon to enable them take a short rest). I've started looking to adapt some of 4E's fighter abilities or maybe Pathfinder 2e's to start varying the options that their close-combat paladin has so while they think they're looking mostly at 5E, what they're REALLY playing at is a mishmash of EVERY EDITION of D&D including 3rd party stuff from all over the place. :D

I am considering taking the group's temperature on Pathfinder 2e after I introduce some of the combat options there; partly because I would like a little more dynamic fighter-combat system than 5E has out of the box, though admittedly the latest OGL flap has soured me a little bit on WotC in general. (I DON'T want this to turn into another OGL discussion - we have plenty of those - I'm just trying to provide context on not only what I'm running now but what I would like to try in the future and why... maybe someone else has some suggestions for a system with some more combat class fighting options I'm not aware of?). I might also try to convince them to try Star Frontiers at some point (I own physical copies of everything TSR ever published for SF) if they want to try Sci-Fi instead of Fantasy.

What are YOU currently playing? And what are YOU interested in trying? :)

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I am running two D&D 5e campaigns and playing in a third. One of the groups I'm DMing for is playing through Dungeon of the Mad Mage, while the other is playing through Tomb of Annihilation. I expect to finish up the latter in another session or three, and then we'll move on to another 5e campaign. I'm thinking maybe Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but I'll let the players decide.

The group I play with is doing the Eberron Oracle of War adventure series. I have no idea how far along we are, but we are 9th level.

In terms of what I'm interested in playing, I've been toying with the idea of revisiting SWSE to run a Bad Batch-inspired campaign. I'd want to overhaul the SWSE rules first, though.


I'm currently running a 1D&D playtest campaign based in Greyhawk. The party is part of an adventuring company on Lendore Isle, currently staying in the town of Restinford (based on the Lendor Isle trilogy of adventures) This allows PCs to switch out with ease to try out new things, and provides an excellent explanation for missing players. They rooted out a rat infestation, uncovering a host of skeletons hidden beneath the town. Then they rescued an adept and some acolytes of the local temple, who had been ambushed by orcs. They discovered the orc's lair was actually an abandoned dwarven mine, and discovered a devil worshiper was pulling fiends through a gateway into the material plane.


On Fridays I run a superhero game. It started with S5E a 5e based set of rules for supers. So far so good. I've borrowed game structure elements from Adventures in Middle Earth and Mouseguard (the GM phase and the Player Phase). Its been really cool to have a Super Hero and Alter Ego parts of a game, and it is what I've wanted since picking up TSRs Marvel Superheroes a couple of decades ago. Back then I knew nothing of improv and didn't realize I don't NEED rules for social interactions. Though now I wish more RPGs had social interaction mechanics because improv is very demanding energy wise, and it would be nice to lean on mechanics to lessen it.

Saturdays I alternate between Weird Frontiers and Dicey Tales. We've been playing WF for around 6 months. It has been a breath of fresh air. I've never really liked dungeon crawling, but canyon crawling is another matter. They are sheriff and deputies of Pine Bluff Wyoming, and it has been a mix of hex crawl and keeping the locals in line. They even rode a train into the middle of Cheyenne that was fit to blow AND falling apart. The mechanics of DCC are right down my alley, and it helps that ALL of the classes for WF have magic of one sort or another.

Dicey Tales, we haven't started yet. But our first session (since Dicey Tales 2nd edition isn't out yet) is a game of Baron Munchausen of sorts. The characters will be elderly versions swapping storiesat a get together or resort. (Kinda like the beginning of the League of Extrodinary Gentlemen: I love Quartermain's fight scene) I will use what is created to create adventures for each character once we have DT rules. Then we'll have one last adventure featuring the older characters and some new THREAT TO THE WORLD (tm). IF by the second session we don't have DT rules, we'll play a session of Barbarians of Lemuria (the rules for DT are the "same") and they will fight THREATS TO THE WORLD (tm). One of those may slip through and become the thing that threatens the world in the future; our last adventure.

2023 is the year I finally put GURPS on the table for some extended play. I ran session 0 for my GURPS Nights Black Agents game last week. Session 1 this week.

Before that I was running Savage Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous.

I’m sure I’ll run some more WHFRP 4e this year as well.

Charles Lowry

I am running two small games; 5th edition DnD Magitech styled and then an Castles and Crusades in the same campaign world as the DnD, but set @ 300 years prior. One player that is playing in both has fun when he gets to see in the CnC campaign items/events that will eventually lead to the future campaign. I took a lot of inspiration from Eberron and it's been fun.


I'm continuing to run a homebrew D&D 5E campaign. The PCs are 18th level, so the end is in sight! After this campaign is done I plan on continuing in the same vein - running a new campaign in my homebrew world playing D&D just like I have been for a few decades now.

Bast L

I'm running an A5E game of the new Dragonlance module, and playing in an A5E game, and a 5E game.

I don't know if it's just that it's new, but the groups seem to really like A5E, with all of the choices. I haven't dived into exploration enough, but that's what has me most excited about it (5E, PF 1 and 2, other games I've played have really not bothered much with exploration, or not done it well (or maybe I just didn't run it well)).

edit: just realized this is the D&D forum (I was looking at all posts), so not sure mine belongs here.


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With one group, I'm running a playtest game of 13th Age 2nd Edition. This will end shortly and we still have to decide what to do next.

With the other one, I'm about to start a heavily house ruled Basic/AD&D game,

3x D&D 5E with plenty homebrew, little to no house-rules, limited expansion books and no 3rd party stuff (not because I am against it, but since I homebrew stuff anyway I don't see the point).

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