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D&D General What are you running?

5e Tomb of Annihilation (dropping for Call of Cthulhu, hopefully) and DCC (loving it).
I'm leaving 5e (and its revised ed.) behind, something I should've done a long time ago.

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Magic Wordsmith
I'm running an adventure I call God Heist for my regular johns where we're revisiting their Planescape characters from a completed campaign in 2018 who are Getting Together Again For One Last Job. The deity Waukeen has been stolen by Graz'zt and they were given an offer of a big payday to steal her back. This is based loosely on the old Forgotten Realms adventure called "For Duty and Deity" which I ranked among the Absolute Worst written adventures I have ever owned, so I picked it up as a DMing challenge to redesign it to make it good and work in D&D 5e. They've just made it to the Abyss having traveled the Infinite Staircase and are working on navigating Graz'zt's Triple Realm of Azzagrat.

I also run some pickup D&D 4e and 5e games, usually location-based adventures like hexcrawls and dungeons for another pool of players about once or twice a month on average.


For the first time in a couple years, I'm NOT running anything at this time, only playing in other games.

I am hoping I can get a 2E game off the ground in the next few weeks, and I'm hold for my son's gaming group to return to an extended one-shot (5E) Spelljammer game, in which they are hunting down the Eye of Vecna (Known currently to them as the Eye of Doom).

I'm also trying to get a group together to run Shadows of the Dragon Queen, but currently I'm in the process of reading the adventure in prep. Though, I'm unsure if this game will occur, partly due to recent events.


I'm running a summer campaign that is turning into a year-long campaign. I took the Forge of Fury adventure in Yawning Portal to make it a level 1-5 campaign and placed it into the Phandalin region. There was some side quests and a theme with the dragon cult. It went fine and ended in October, but the players wanted to continue. I have now expanded the campaign to include the Against the Giants set of adventures as well. The PCs just finished the hill giants and are about to move to the frost giants.

I do need to take a break since I find I need 11th level PCs for a AL game at the local convention next month. Not sure what will happen with that.


I'm running my 3.5 "Dreams of Erthe" campaign, which tentatively meets every other Saturday, and one of my players in that campaign is also running a 3.5 "Ghourmand Vale" campaign, which tentatively meets every Wednesday evening (and in which I'm a player). Both feature exclusively homebrew adventures, although "Ghourmand Vale" uses a heavily-modified-as-needed Greyhawk for the basics (maps, deities, etc.). That one is technically in the same campaign world as our first two 3.5 campaigns, both of which ended up at 20th level.

We're having enough fun that we don't intend to move out of 3.5. Once "Ghourmand Vale" finishes up, it'll be my grown son's turn back in the DM chair, and he's planning on running a planes-drifting campaign based around a small city that automatically plane shifts to a random plane once every year, and our PCs will be part of the team trying to figure out why it's doing that and if there is any way to "steer" it into specific planes. I've volunteered to run a cleric in that one - we'll all be running PCs with templates, so I'll likely be either a tiefling, half-fiend, or fiendish character, given we're allowed to have inherited traits based on whatever plane our city was on when we were born (so a fiendish PC need not be actually evil - his body just picked up those traits due to planar warping).



I'm currently running two different D&D games: one a heavily mutated Curse of Strahd; the other, a homebrew setting.

I'm hoping to move on to other systems and settings when they're done. I got a bunch of games as combo holiday/birthday gits and I really want to try them out: SWADE, Star Trek Adventures, Spire, and just now, Root.


Currently running two games online via a play-by-post forum (Unseen Servant):
  • 5th edition game in Baldur's Gate using the rich city descriptions in Descent into Avernus; not interested in going to Avernus; just using it for the Baldur's Gate sandbox. Almost finished the campaign, then will likely switch to Pathfinder. Not really a fan of 5E.
  • 2nd edition game in Greyhawk > specifically in the Hool Swamp. Long term game planned with some great players.


Two 5e campaigs via Foundry VTT, running on alternating weekends for two separate groups:

  • Rime of the Frostmaiden - about 2/3rds of the way done;
  • Shadow of the Dragon Queen - just starting

The plan is to finish RotFM by late spring or early summer, and that will move on to a 5e Classic DragonLance DL 1-14.

None of these recent events are having any impact on that. I paid my money to do that and I have (so far at least) not lost passion for it.


I am running a 5e conversion of the Iron Gods Pathfinder adventure path. It is weekly, online using Fantasy Grounds. Includes my brother and some guys from his gaming circle I've known for a number of years now, all in states other than mine.

I use a lot of reskinned monsters from the MM, other WotC books, and OGL 5e ones for stat blocks.

Iron Gods is a Sci-Fi D&D mashup with a big ancient crashed starship and lots of robots in a fantasy world so I have used a lot of references from Star Trek, Paranoia, Warhammer 40K, Shadowrun, and others as riffing points. Also a bunch of White Wolf themes and even Godzilla themes.

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