D&D General What are you running?

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Do you ever sleep?
5 hours a night, typically.

On average, I play D&D twice a week. Sometimes more, and sometimes less.

I have developed a decent level of skill in one useful area: Keeping the ball rolling by fanning interest in games.
3 years of analysis paralysis?
3 years of slow fanning (see above) while a player that doesn't like to lose faces a no win situation (but there are other issues as well).

3.5e (core rules only, will not play above 13th level) in Greyhawk.
  1. Family campaign I need to prep two things from Raging Swan to make one short adventure. Then onto Savage Tides from old Dungeon by Paizo/Isle of Dread from old TSR- reissued & expanded for 5e by Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated.
  2. Email campaign is the Nodes of Temple of Elemental Evil, using the Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated, which completed the Node. (Earth Node I created myself from the AD&D vague ideas in the AD&D version; the other 3 I’m converting from 5e OAR version.)


Game Designer
Not running anything at the moment, but will imminently. Last year I've forked into several systems, some pretty dense, and I need something more lightweight coming into 2023.

I read Cairn during the holidays, and I bought a few short sandbox adventures for it. I'm not prepping one of these and I plan to bring it back to the basics and enjoy myself while the Canadian winter assails us for a few more months.

The one I'm most excited about is Vortex Isles.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I just picked up a supplement for Beyond the Wall last night that adds a bunch more character books, to expand what folks can play, as well as Grizzled Adventurers.

My plan is to run one of those -- each of which can be played with basically no prep -- on months when I haven't gotten a 5E dungeon finished. I have some one-hour scenarios I want to finish writing for probable publication, as well as at least one five-room dungeon, but work and life have interfered with getting them to the playtest stage.

But my #dungeon23 is chugging along well enough that I will probably start running the first level of that (a village and 21 encounter areas) soon, too. I was specifically asked by one player to schedule that soon.

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