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What are your favorite games?

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Final Fantasy series! Namely FF8 and FF15. I also love The Witcher 3 (haven't finished that yet due to art commission workload).

I also like the Tales series. :)


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I like small flash games. I think such games are not annoying and it's aways relaxing to play them. My favorite are Sling, Red ball and Cake Master
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aramis erak

It's interesting to know what games do visitors of this forum like except those that are already in hot topics :D
I'm sure you have more of favorite ones
So what about you? :)
The Civ line, esp. Civ II Gold and Civ V.
The Zelda series - esp. Windwaker and Skyward Sword, also the Oracles pair.
That game passed off as a zelda game but which really isn't, ... Breath of the Wild... Great game. Lousy Zelda.
Lego games - loved just about all of them.


I like playing mind games. Think about it.

I've got friends who do VO work, but I don't play computer/console games. I think that the last comp game that i played was "Pool of Radiance" by SSI. I'm pretty much just a RPG guy; mostly Pathfinder, D&D 2, 3, 3.5, 4, some Savage Worlds these days, though I've played dozens of them. I'd like to try out the newer Star Trek RPG and am hoping to get a comedy-horror campaign going, some time, using Dead Gentlemen's "Demon Hunters" Fate Core based game.


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I am a fan of escape room games. But they are much better in real life. When I was in LA I visited The Quest Factory rooms . I visited 2 rooms Clinic and The Laboratory of Lost Species. Had a great time, it was fun and I'll definitely try Queen Anne's Revenge room next time.
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Anna Kosten

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Outdoor game: Volleyball. Board game: Innovation. I suppose that’s a card game, actually. Computer game: hm… Civ 5 perhaps? Really love watching video play-throughs of new/indie games to see all the innovations in UI and first-run user experience coming out of the gaming industry.


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I became a fan of poker. It's an analytical game where you're constantly sizing up your opponents, finding the correct betting sizes, and searching for cracks in your opponent's game that you can exploit at a later time period. For now I improve my skills in online casinos, particularly discover this one. I got a lot of bonuses after the sign up.
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Thief (The Dark Project/The Metal Age/Deadly Shadows)
Demons Souls/Dark Souls series
Portal and Portal 2
Fall Out
Team Fortress 2
Eternal Darkness
Fatal Frame series
Soul Blade/Soul Calibur 2
TMNT3 the Manhatten Project
Megaman 2
Castlevania 3


If I had to make lists; off the top of my head...

X-Com 2
Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Fallout 4 (especially enjoyed Far Harbor)
Fallout Tactics
Sid Meier's Pirates!
Port Royale
Tropico 5
Ultima rpg series
Nobunaga's Ambition

Betrayal at House on The Hill
Simon's Cat Game
Liar's Dice
Edge of The Empire
GURPS 4th Edition


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Mass Effect is probably my favourite video game series of all time. Others include Fallout: New Vegas, XCOM 2, Space Engineers, and Stellaris (it's a very eclectic mix, I know).
Tabletop-wise, Eclipse Phase is by and far my favourite. Aside from that, the only other tabletop game I really love is WOIN.

(Also, first post in the forums. Hi!)


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Video Games
Baldur's Gate series
Super Mario Odyssey
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Breath of the Wild
Dawn of War 2
Civilization 6
GalCiv 3
Surgeon Simulator
Goat Simulator
Stardew Valley

DnD 5E
FATE (I can't find anyone to play because my group gets confused by the rules)
Hero System
Savage Worlds


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I like most gaming genre, especially sports and strategy.
I play NFS, FIFA Mobile, Clash Royale, Boom Beach etc. I love racing games. Moving faster then others; chasing; maintaining lead; understanding cars nature; understanding tracks; just focusing on roads and other cars; driving those cars whose dreams you have in your mind. NFS is the best in this genre. Also I often found many cool games on Bitgamer.ch tracker, found it on http://invites-shop.com/en/ . It supports a lot of game devices like PC, Mac, Android Phones, Iphones , Xbox, PSP and more.

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